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Why You Should Order Private Strippers in Las Vegas

At VegasPleasure, we can connect you with the hottest strippers in Las Vegas. How do we know? Our clients let us know we’re the best in Sin City for hiring the perfect stripper for your event, and it only takes a few minutes. Who wants a lap dance in a loud and dark club? When you hire strippers, you can hand-pick the exact strippers you want to entertain you and the whole crew for a day or nighttime activities.

Have Your Own Fun

Unless you want to experience the glamour of Las Vegas strip clubs, the classic stripper pole in a club is a little overrated. You’re trying to party, right? You don’t need all that glittery b.s.; you need alcohol, some good bud, the girl of your dreams, and a luxury suite. Especially in Las Vegas, the best kind of party is one where it’s just you, your friends, and the best strippers in Sin City. In the privacy of your suite or venue, you can watch girl-on-girl action, hot strippers take a bubble bath, or even play with sex toys. Of course, you can’t get that at a strip club, but you can get it in the privacy of your room.

When you have fun, you can make your own rules. As long as you are respectful and the girl is into you, you can take things are fast and slow as you want. You’d be surprised at what hiring strippers to your private wild night can turn into. 

Don’t Worry About Transportation

Getting around Las Vegas can be tough if you’ve never been here. There’s nothing VIP about high parking rates, limousine rentals to go with your luxury suite, and outrageous cover charges at all the strip clubs. When you stay in and order strip clubs, you can look over the strip instead of being stuck in traffic while you enjoy the company of strippers in your private environment.

Don’t Worry About Transportation

Imagine you and your whole crew cruising down Las Vegas Boulevard. Everybody has a drink in hand, dancing, and the music blares through the party bus speakers. Can you think of a better feeling? But, of course, you can’t do that when you’re all packing into the back of a suburban. If you have yet to go to vegas, it was probably prom night since the last time you rode in a limo. Instead of taking your neighbor as a date, you’re probably out with your boys looking for a wild night. this time

Choose Your Stripper

Las Vegas has some of the most popular strip clubs in the world, so you can be assured that the most beautiful exotic dancers will be there. What about private dancers? Believe it or not, hiring private exotic dancers in your room gives you more options, so you don’t go to a club full of sixes when you expect dimes. Think of it like Tinder, except they show you what you want to see the second they step through the doors of your room.


Even if you are VIP, what you get for the price isn’t worth it.

If you invest in a nice room in Las Vegas, you can enjoy lavish amenities like your own jacuzzi and pool. Staying in and ordering private strippers to your room allows you to enjoy your grand suite with your elegant ladies. Hello? Have you ever seen strippers take a bubble bath after dancing on you and your boys? It’s way better than those lap dances you’d get over at Sapphire, and with everyone pitching in, you won’t have to pay nearly as much. 


From drinks to cover charges and private dances, ordering private strippers is always a better money move. However, saving money in Las Vegas doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. 

If you went to a club, you’d probably walk out, spending over seven hundred dollars, not including transportation. You’ll probably want to sleep the next day because you’ll be tired from waiting in line or standing around. 

For seven hundred dollars, you could order the stripper of your dreams, a few bottles, and still have money left to tip her. When you’re in Vegas, the goal should be to get the most you can with what you have. Most groups mess up when they start doing everything themselves, especially paying and going to multiple strip clubs. Learn from those who have been here long enough, and they will tell you ways to get around the Vegas tactics of making tourists spend so much money. One way to do that is through practicality, looking for deals, and balling on a budget! It doesn’t mean you’ll have less fun; you’ll have more fun, and you don’t have to flash your money or spend it. What do you have to lose when you have two strippers in your weekend pad? 

Don’t Do This While Hiring Strippers in Las Vegas

Don’t hire strippers from Craigslist/Backpage/Adultsearch/Eros

You’ve probably been on sites like Craigslist to hire an affordable stripper if you’ve ever been in the Las Vegas area. Although some strippers are the girl in their photos, these sites have a reputation for not being transparent. So unless it’s a selfie taken this year, her chances of looking like the girl in the photo are slim. This is the modern-day version of those card slappers on the strip trying to get you to fall for their nude girls scams.  

Sites like these don’t have many regulations, so they can get away with fake photos and even take your money. You should probably call it a night if you’re wasted or blazed enough to do that. You don’t want to rush into a sketchy situation or spend too much too quickly.  Especially if it’s your first time in Las Vegas, you’ll want to work with someone who can help you find the best strippers in Las Vegas for the lowest price.

Don’t Listen to Street Promoters or Rideshare Drivers

Uber and Lyft Drivers may be able to give you a good recommendation, but your best bet when you’re not at the table is to go with the crawls or private strippers. If the driver or street promoter starts asking what you’re doing, don’t let them talk you out of it, especially if you know what you’re doing. By now, you should have a pretty good understanding of what makes the best value in Vegas: eliminating curiosity. 

Street promoters will say, “you have to check out this place, or you can’t leave without going here.” They may have the best intentions, but they often recommend tourist spots, and you won’t get the best deal in Vegas.

Don’t Bring Strippers from Clubs Back to Your Room

First of all, how many times do you think a hot stripper is getting asked out or to come back to someone’s room? It’s a daily thing, so your chances of getting strippers back to your room are slim, even if you throw hundreds.

Staff heavily monitor Strip clubs, which could earn a bad reputation if you look like someone trying to take girls away from a club. The way they see it, you’re interfering with their business. 

It’s like counting cards at a table; you shouldn’t do it even if you can. The girls are there to make money as employees, and unless you make an offer she can’t refuse, it’s not worth it when she could do more money dancing.

You risk being asked to leave the club, permanently banned, or getting the dancer in trouble. Also, how is that saving you money if you’re driving there, paying for parking, cover, drinks, a section, a dance, and throwing money? See, that’s ultimately why you just stay inside for fun. In Vegas, you can have anything come to you. Why go get strippers when they can come to you?

More Help with Hiring Private Strippers in Las Vegas

If you don’t know what you’re doing, you may not get the private experience you were looking for. Here are some ways to avoid that.

  1. Hire from someone legitimate. At this point, it’s on you if you’re scammed on a site like Backpage.
  2. Quality over Quantity. Sometimes hiring one girl exactly what you want is better than having two average strippers do the job. But it’s vegas; you should have it your way.
  3. Don’t pay in advance. Unless you want to get scammed or disappointed when she arrives, it’s always good to approve in person before paying.
  4. If you’re unhappy, call for another, and politely send her back home.
  5. Strippers are not prostitutes. Prostitution is legal in Nevada, but you have to be a licensed establishment to participate. The closest brothel is in Pahrump, Nevada, called Sheri’s Ranch. Be respectful, and don’t break the law. We do not endorse illegal prostitution.

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