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When it comes to Las Vegas adult entertainment, there’s plenty of strip clubs out there. Even if you’ve never been to Sin City or set foot into a club in the city chances are you’ve heard of a few of them. More likely than not though, Scores Las Vegas is not one of them. The club, which is actually pretty close to the northern edge of the Strip, has been through a couple name changes and some rebranding of late, which is likely one of the reasons you haven’t heard of it. 

Beyond the branding and name changes though, it also isn’t as large as many of the other popular clubs around the city. There are some pretty massive Las Vegas strip clubs out there. To us, size isn’t everything. In fact, size really doesn’t mean much at all. Big is fine and all, but if it’s too crowded or impossible to get a dance from a girl we like, what’s the point, right? Really, Scores Club Las Vegas has a nice sweet spot. It’s not the massive, oversized club where you’ll get lost (and if you get separated from the rest of your buddies you’ll never find them), yet there’s still a solid lineup of girls. 

But let’s dig a bit deeper to find out how it stacks up against the other semi-nude strip club venues around town.


The exterior is…interesting. Yes, there’s parking on site as well as valet, so we’ll get that out of the way first. 

The actual look of the building is what gets us. It feels like an abandoned movie theater from the 80s received some gold trim and replaced the upcoming releases posters with pinup posters. Really it has kind of a Weekend at Bernies, early 90s millionaire look to it. You know, that marble with gold trim yet oddly sterile look? Yeah, that’s kind of what we get looking at it. And then there is the over the top “SCORES” font that looks like they brought over the Dave & Busters guys to design. 

Yeah, yeah, we know, who judges a strip club based on what the exterior looks like? Nobody. Although, we just want to point out that, for whatever reason, strip clubs suck at their exterior design. We also just want to say thank god lighting is dark inside most full nude strip clubs so we can’t fully see just how gawdy the design decor is inside (this goes for all strip clubs, not just Scores).


Walking in you will find a hostess who will gladly take your cover charge (more on this in a bit), and then a bar. We have a love-hate relationship with bars right at the front. For starters, it’s great to be able to easily grab a drink before settling in at a table, but on the downside it can create a bit of a bottleneck. We haven’t had too much of an issue with this, but on super busy nights we could see this being a problem. Either way, we do appreciate having a bar in close proximity to the front. 

The club has bottle services and has a line of performer tables. In general, we find the decor to be warm and welcoming, without going over the top. Far too many clubs go way over the top. As if Trump and Liberace were designing a room together (and in Vegas, you never know). But it feels nice and not distracting. You will also find there are comfortable chairs, making it a fine place to take Las Vegas escorts or to just chill with your bachelor party. The club offers a very private VIP area also, which we are a fan of. Nothing is more annoying than springing for a private dance and being taken to a smaller, but just as public, group room. 


It is kind of a classy party inside of Scores. Strip club classy. It’s not just a square room with tables facing the dance floor. There’s enough separation in the seating to give you more intimate seating arrangements without having to go private, all without messing up the foot traffic flow of the room. 

The Girls of Scores

We’re going to put it out there, but probably the highlight of the club are the girls. The girls here should be world famous. Yes, you would hope this to be the case with any strip club, but sometimes that’s not always the case. Many of the strip clubs are so large the facilities need to populate the floors with as many girls as possible. When you have 100+ girls walking around they all aren’t going to be dimes. You can’t hit a home run every time up to the plate. While there is still some really high end talent at the other clubs, there also is a quantity situation. However with quality comes top lap dances. The clubs need girls, which means they are more likely to roll out girls who aren’t at the top of the strip club game. 

That isn’t the approach at Scores.

Because Scores is on the small to medium size of the Las Vegas club spectrum, it’s more about quality than anything else. The girl collection here is going to be some of the best you find around, and that carries throughout the entire lineup. Not to get too nerdy on you, but the median girl at Scores is probably hotter than the median at nearly any other club in the area. No more trying to a scavenger hunt to find the hottest VIP room in Vegas either.

So if you’re more about quality than sheer numbers, we highly recommend Scores.

Dress Code

There is a dress code at Scores, and we’re for it. If the girls are all about quality you should be too. It’s pretty easy to follow though. No tank tops, headgear (helmets, hats, or masks), or plain white t-shirts (sorry Johnny Depp). You can’t wear dirty, torn, or ripped clothing, and no athletic wear (sweats, track clothing, or jerseys, unless there’s a sporting event going on). There’s also no gang clothing, colors, or patches. 

This is pretty boilerplate stuff. So dress well and you won’t have a problem getting into the club.

Transportation and Cover

Transportation charges will depend on who you go through. You can book a taxi, Uber, or connect with a limo service. Whatever that costs is what it costs. In terms of getting into the club you’ll be dropping $30. Really that’s not bad in the world of cover for close proximity strip clubs. In fact, it’s a downright bargain.


Dance prices at Scores are also pretty solid as well. A main floor dance is going to run you $20. That’s low-end standard for Vegas. If you want three songs in VIP you’re going to drop $100. But you do get two drinks out of it (you could pound both of them, but you’re probably going to give one to the girl). 

Personally, we’re not fans of paying by the song. Songs are shot, like a lot of strip clubs in Las Vegas, so that’s about $100 for 10 minutes. If you’re going to go VIP, spring for at least half an hour. That’s $200 (so you’re getting 10 minutes for free) and you get two drinks. Or you can drop $400 for an hour and you get four drinks. 

You could also go super full private for an hour. That’ll cost $900 which includes a bottle of Don Perignon.

Hookah Lounge

There’s a hookah lounge, and it’s a solid one. Really not much else to write about it. If it’s your thing then have at it.


The club is locally owned, and as is the case throughout Vegas, locally owned means management is much more hands-on and helpful. From answering your questions to giving you tours of the club, Scores has some of the friendliest management we’ve interacted with anywhere in Vegas.

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