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Vegas Budgeting

Basic Budgeting for a Vegas Bachelorette Party

When throwing a bachelorette party, we have an important suggestion. Talk with everyone individually to find out their personal budgets. Some people might not be able to throw thousands of dollars on a trip. Others might be willing to go hog wild with a Las Vegas bachelorette party. It is important to have some ideas, so then you can plan accordingly. 

By knowing the budgets of everyone in the group you can make some of the more expensive outings optional. Maybe some of the girls don’t want (or can’t afford) to spring for the spa day. You don’t want to alienate some of those on the trip, or make them feel forced into spending money they don’t have. So ask ahead of time, and keep it confidential.


This comes down to the hotel, as well as how many girls per room you’re thinking. For the best bang to the buck we love booking a suite. You can get a suite that has at least two beds and a fold-out couch. You can comfortably have three per room for this and everyone gets their own bed. You can find suits for under $300 a night, and even less if you book far enough in advance (a few months, for example). So, if you book a suite with enough time and are maybe right off the Strip, you can find something for $50 per girl per night. 

Want something right on the Strip? You’re likely looking at a minimum of $100 a night if you book ahead and look for deals on one of those travel websites, and that can just go up from there. There are quite a few nice Hotels and Casinos off the Strip, most within a 10 mile radius from Downtown Las Vegas and the Strip. They all offer the same amenities and can save you a lot of money.

Top 10 Best Hotels In Las Vegas


Everyone put together shouldn’t cost more than $100. Las Vegas is pretty small, even the airport is just a few miles away from the Strip. The only thing you have to worry about is traffic on the Strip if you’re going from one hotel to another, for maybe a show or club. Especially if you plan on drinking. For the Bachelorette Party evening, you might consider renting a party bus or party limo for your bridal party, that way you can start having fun before you get to your destination.

Las Vegas Party Bus!


After you secure your hotel try to search out the different restaurant options inside the hotel and around it. There’s going to be one that is far less expensive than the rest. It’s good to have an affordable fall-back option. We also suggest stopping by the grocery store so you can at least have some things on hand for breakfast and for random meals inside the hotel room. Because the designer restaurants and celebrity chef hot spots will cost you. 

It’s best to budget about $50 a day. $100 a day (at least) if you’re eating out all the time (this doesn’t count the booze portion of your bill). 

If you really need to go cheap you can probably get by on $25 a day if you only buy things from the grocery store.

No Brainer Restaurants In Las Vegas


You’ll probably spend more on entertainment than anything else. If you’re a gambler, well, that’s up to you how much you spend. We’re not going to include that in here, because you have full control over how much, or how little, you spend. 

If you’re not a big gambler, we honestly find the best way to kill some time in the casino and not go broke is the video poker at the bar. First, you’ve got the bar right there, so that’s awesome, and the video poker and black jack is easy enough to play, you’re not playing against anyone, and you can take your time. You might win $50. You might lose $20. At least you won’t shoot your financial wad right away. 

The live shows will range in price, depending on how popular the show is, but if you buy these tickets ahead of time at least you can spread out your spending. Most dance clubs don’t charge cover to women, and for $200 you can get solid bottle service (although if you float around you can probably get some guys to buy you drinks too). 

Either way, budget $100 to $200 a day for entertainment.

Best Shows In Vegas

Total with food, hotel, and entertainment, it’s best to budget yourself $300-$500. If you want balls to the wall, budget a grand a day.

Vegas Entertainment

Things To Do As A Group In Las Vegas

Shop Until You Drop

If you’re looking for a real high-end shopping destination, The Shops at Crystals is fantastic. Louis Vuitton, Tiffany’s, Tom Ford, and whatever else you might want can be found here. Even if you’re not looking to splurge for this hen party, the building itself is a beauty. 

The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace is fun to walk through, as they do a solid job making it feel like you’re not stuck inside a casino without windows. There are more designer shops as well as plenty of restaurants to visit. 

The Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian Resort are also fun, and honestly a bit more bright and vibrant than the Forum Shops (although The Forum is still worth checking out).

If you don’t want to go totally broke before your first hens night out and would like something besides the high end designer shops, Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood are fantastic, and there’s also plenty of snack and restaurant shops here that won’t break the bank.

Best Shopping Places In Las Vegas

Salon and Spa Day

You have three true “options” when it comes to a salon and spa day. First, check with your hotel. Most major hotels in and around The Strip have a salon and spa. These are great as it saves you time, and you can often get massage services right in your room!

If you want the highest-end spa services, consider spots around Vegas like Qua Baths & Spa, and The Bathhouse at Delano. The Delano spot has some of the best ambience, while Qua is designed to look like a massive Roman bath (and if you’re already at Cesar’s Palace, this is perfect). 

Your third option is to go for a budget location. Budget doesn’t mean bad, it just means you won’t have the opulence of the other spots. A Touch of Las Vegas Spa has hour-long massages for as low as $60, and Vegas Thai Spa is a mobile service that can travel to your room.

Interested in salon services over the spa? Some of the best around Vegas include Signature Salon by Claude Baruk and Hairdreams by Michael Boychuck. This way you’ll really look the part for your girls night out.

Top 10 Best SPAS in Sin City

Nightlife Options

Whether you want one of those wild bachelorette parties or you’re going for something a bit more subdued, there are plenty of options for you here in Vegas. 

Every casino is going to have high-end nightclubs that put the nightclubs of every other city to shame. The thing is, many of these spots will have a waiting list, and you’ll be standing around a good half an hour (at least). To cut the line at the popular spots we recommend booking a hosted walk-in, which gives you a VIP host. You cut the line and often you can score some drink specials as the host might know the bartenders. 

Some of the best night-clubs include XS Las Vegas and Intrigue Nightclub. These are both owned by WYNN, although Intrigue is more affordable (without feeling cheap).

Marquee is the place to be if you’re in Vegas on a Monday, and it has a fantastic spot inside the Cosmopolitan.

Now, all of those clubs are the spots you go to for most of the night. But if that’s not your kind of vibe, you can check out the other night clubs inside your hotel, or opt for a nightclub crawl, which can help take care of all the transportation and admission into the various clubs.

Best Nightclubs In Las Vegas

Vegas Strip Clubs

Male Reviews & Strip Clubs for Bachelorette Parties

Let’s face it. If you’re looking to live out the ultimate bachelorette party ideas, you will want to have male strippers involved. A bachelor party has strippers, so why can’t your party have a male stripper or two? Who doesn’t love a fun pole dance? While there are as many strip club options for women, there are enough options for you to have some fun.

Going to a show is probably the best option when some of the girls don’t actually want to go to a strip club. Chippendales is by far the most recognized (we can give Chris Farley thanks for that). Magic Mike is another spot that has gained attention thanks to pop culture. And of course there is the Thunder from Down Under show. All of these shows are fun and don’t get too close to the action. But if you want to get close to the action, there are other options.

Top Bachelorette Party Strip Clubs

Probably the best of the best destination is Hustler. On the second floor it’s the Male Revue, with all the banana hammocks you can get in one viewing (maybe in one lifetime). And if some of the girls aren’t feeling it, there is a rooftop nightclub, so there’s something for everyone. 

Sapphire is another good spot. Probably not as good as Hustler, but it’s still a fine destination. And, if some of the girls in your group are looking to get lucky, a strip club is a great spot. After all, the guys in the strip club can’t go home with a stripper, but they can go home with one of the girls in your group.


Bachelorette Party FAQs and Tips

Here’s the thing about pictures. Pics are great, just as long as you don’t start posting them online. This is especially true if you tell the misses you’re doing one thing, but someone posts about something else. That’s trouble.

A: Just the bare bones. Schedule the hotel, spa day, and any shows you want to see. And most importantly, plan where you’re going to spend the night of the Bachelorette Party. Do you want to go to a nightclub, strip club, or casino bar? Other than that, let everything happen organically. 

A: If possible, try to get everyone together ahead of time. Go out for Sunday brunch or something. If that isn’t possible, talk to the bride and get background on everyone. Some might be super religious and not down for the strip shows. 

Ask people individually what they would want to do in Vegas, and if there are things they absolutely don’t want to do, like go to a male strip club. The beauty of Las Vegas is that there’s so much to do that everyone should find something they enjoy doing, and still be able to get together for the bachelorette party.

A: Ask for help. It’s okay. Have one of the girls help you plan. Maybe hand over some of the research duties to a girl you know won’t put it off. Nothing wrong with asking for help. 

A: Establish ground rules. You don’t want someone calling their significant other every few hours. That’s a drag. Make sure everyone knows the bride has ultimate veto power.

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