Club Crawls are the Best Nightclub Offer in Las Vegas

Are you here to party in Las Vegas? Before you book a tour, try a club crawl of the most famous nightclubs on the planet.

Are you trying to stay on a budget for your Vegas Trip? Club Crawls are the answer.

Why Club Crawling?

More like, why the hell not? Las Vegas has some of the most popular nightclubs on the planet, but with so many, how do you know you’re not just going to another tourist spot? Of course, the last thing you want is to do what tourists do in Sin City, and Club Crawling lets you experiment until you’re satisfied with a club.

Club crawls, or party tours, allow you to experience a little bit of everything before you invest money and time into one Club. Believe me, the last thing you want is to go club hopping without a crawling group, wait in line for hours, and have overpriced drinks when you could’ve gone to multiple locations in the same amount of time.

Bottle Service is Overrated

More Clubs = More Partying

If it’s your first time in Las Vegas and you like to party, the last thing you need is to risk going to one Club only to have a bad experience. So when you choose to club crawl in Las Vegas, you can try multiple venues in one night. In addition, testing more than one Club will give you a better taste of what Las Vegas offers. Plus, you have better access because clubs schedule groups, so you won’t have to wait in line if you go the club crawl route in Las Vegas. Nothing will piss you off more than paying damn good money for a good night just to be denied entry if the Club is full. It’s more than just skipping the line; Club Crawling reserves your spot with your whole crew.

Party Transportation

Imagine you and your whole crew cruising down Las Vegas Boulevard. Everybody has a drink in hand, dancing, and the music blares through the party bus speakers. Can you think of a better feeling? But, of course, you can’t do that when you’re all packing into the back of a suburban. If you have yet to go to vegas, it was probably prom night since the last time you rode in a limo. Instead of taking your neighbor as a date, you’re probably out with your boys looking for a wild night. this time

Instead of pilling into a rideshare and waiting in line like everyone else, you could roll up in style with the whole squad. Nothing turns heads like a group walking right off the bus into the Club. Because clubs schedule groups, you’ll be able to walk straight into the Club, so it’s like being on VIP without having to pay for it!


When everyone arrives for the wild night, there’s usually a mixer for couples, groups, and individuals to get to know each other before going to the first venue. So whether you’re on vacation or celebrating, this is a great way to make friends, network, and even flirt with other singles on the tour. If you’re single, this is a great way to meet other singles to hang out with after the tour, but even if you’re married, you’ll have a great time and make great friends! Most club crawl groups tend to have high energy, good vibes, and positive attitudes. It may take a minute to warm up to your group, but before you know it, everyone will be friends with each other and make life-long memories.

$Save Money

You’ll be surprised how expensive clubs are in Las Vegas. You could easily walk out of most clubs on the strip and have spent thousands to entertain your party. The best thing about Club crawls in Las Vegas is how much money you save, plus the amazing time you’ll have. You don’t want to pay for a bad night; when you’re in Las Vegas, you should have the time of your life. Some cover charges plus drinks can cost way more than just one night of Club crawling in Vegas. 

Stay away from the bottle service and over-priced drinks, and don’t buy a section when you can save money and get more out of your Las Vegas club experience. When was the last time someone actually cared about bottle service? It’s like singing happy birthday to someone. Sure, they have the attention for a moment, but when it’s over, you spend thousands of dollars that wasn’t even worth it. You’ll have no regrets when you don’t focus on impressing others and can impress yourself with a good time and great value.

Drinks Included

Some areas will be designated throughout the night for your group to get free drinks and free water. Of course, you’ll be able to pre-game while you’re on the party bus, but most Las Vegas will offer drinks during the party bus, and some even do before and after. Everybody knows the drinks at the clubs are overrated, so I would only start if you’re pre-gaming. Most party buses have liquor, beer, wine, vodka, and other mixers. 

Be sure to ask your host about specials at clubs; for example, some clubs will have drink specials for certain groups, but even if they don’t, you should always be able to grab drinks on your party bus.

It’s better than VIP

Everybody in Las Vegas is VIP. Many guests, especially VIPs, like to pay for bottle service but will wait an hour if the VIP line is too long to get into the Club. So what’s the point of that? Trust me, you’re much better off pulling up with a whole crew that’s been scheduled. 

Club crawls are scheduled to come in at a certain time, so most of the time, you’ll be walking right off the party bus straight into the party in the Club. The party never ends; again, you don’t have to stay with your group.

On your Terms

As long as you aren’t holding up the party bus too long, the hosts and the whole club crawl experience are flexible. If everyone is having the best night and Las Vegas is everything they hoped it would be, everything will feel like it’s on your terms. You can always catch up with the whole group later if you and your friends want to stay back at a certain club.

You don’t even have to stand with your group. If you see people going towards the exit, they’re probably going to the next Club, but communicating with your host to meet up at the next venue is always an option if you want to stay at a certain club. At a certain point, the host will make their rounds to make sure everyone is keeping up with the schedule. This is a good time to let them know you want to stay for a while.

The Best Value in Las Vegas

Would you rather wait in line for VIP, pay for an over-priced bottle service plus drinks, and have to buy a section or have everything done for you? If it’s your first time in Las Vegas and you want to see what nightclubs are like, joining a club crawl is your best option. Instead of going to one nightclub, you can choose your own crawl that goes to all the Las Vegas clubs you’ve considered. 

Besides the community aspect of the Club crawls, you can give your group a better time than purchasing everything individually. Nobody will feel bad if they don’t like the DJ at one Club and decide to leave. If you want to stay at a club, just make sure your host knows and try to catch up with everyone later.

The Top 4 Cannabis Dispensaries in Las Vegas

One of the best things about Las Vegas is the licensed recreational cannabis dispensaries. So, whether on a night out with the boys or hanging with the girls, Las Vegas has every strain you’re looking for, from west coast classics like OG Kush to Girl Scout Cookies. In the state of Nevada, both recreational and medicinal marijuana are legalized, and with so many dispensaries to choose from, we’ve narrowed down the top 4 cannabis dispensaries in Las Vegas. 

Most dispensaries have what you need. From flowers to edibles, tinctures, and concentrates, we’ve got the best pick of the top dispensaries you must visit if you’re in the area. Does Sativa strains help you focus more at the table? We’ve heard that a few times, but even if you’re an Indica strain lover, these are the spots you’ll get the best Cannabis in Las Vegas!

1. Cookies

Cookies isn’t just a dispensary; it’s a brand that changed the entire Cannabis Industry and continues to today. You’ve probably seen the logo before on clothing, but if you’re a smoker, there’s a chance you’ve actually had it. I recommend this one, not only because they have some of the best exotic strains but because of the culture and entire customer experience. The cannabis itself is old-faithful, strong-hitting west coast bud, and they even carry CBD and half-CBD half-THC mixes for those who tend to get a little too baked. 

Besides being a well-known brand, Cookies is a store you can’t leave Vegas without saying you went if you’re a Cannabis lover or enthusiast. If you are on the strip looking for an authentic west coast cannabis experience, head to Cookies and see what west coast legend, Berner, has built through one of the biggest visions for cannabis culture. By the way, we recommend the apples and bananas strain. You’re welcome.

2. Jardín Premium Cannabis Dispensary

If you didn’t know it was a dispensary, you’d think Jardín was a boujee jewelry store. Although they don’t have shiny pieces to add to your collection, they have some of the best west coast buds you’ve ever smoked. If that’s not your thing, maybe it’s premium edibles made with high-grade THC oil or vaporizers for strong on-the-go hits. Regardless of what you’re looking for, Jardín focuses on one thing that sets them apart from other dispensaries; providing a premium cannabis experience.

If you need a bundle of goods for the whole crew, they’ve got the best thing for you; daily specials. Instead of waiting in line, you can order online with a verified 21+ ID.

3. Reef Dispensaries (Best Medical Dispensary in Las Vegas)

Home of the Khalifa Kush strain, Reef Dispensaries is one of the best places to get your daily dose as a Medical Cardholder in the Las Vegas area. Previously known as a medical dispensary, Reef is now open to the public for 21+ recreational marijuana sales. The Reef staff has multiple indoor cultivation sites, producing locally and on-site. So, of course, they’re home to unique exotic strains, especially hybrid strains like Khalifa Kush. Everyone who says they have it probably doesn’t, so if you’re going to be partying in Las Vegas, why not pick up an eighth of real Khalifa Kush and smoke like Wiz for the night?

Even if that’s not your thing, they have a full staff to help you find the perfect strain for your wild night. Don’t worry because they’re traditionally a medical dispensary; they will make sure you know how to dose it without ruining your night. Believe me, this stuff is so strong you will only need a few hits, especially if you’re not from here.

4. Planet 13

Last but certainly not least, Planet 13 is one of the most visited and talked about dispensaries in Las Vegas. It wouldn’t be a dispensary crawl without going here. Without knowing the brand, you would assume it was a shopping mall on the outside, and you wouldn’t know that Planet 13 has the best cannabis in Las Vegas unless you were familiar with it.

With so many types of cannabis, cannabis extracts, and cannabis-infused products, you’ll be able to get what your whole crew needs. You could honestly go to this store alone and have a complete Las Vegas Cannabis experience, but that would take the fun out of hopping from place to place. They even do a shuttle service, so if it’s your last stop, you can get right back to the strip to play another round.

Where are you going first?

There are so many dispensaries around Las Vegas that it would take your whole trip from store to store, and you’ve got a lot more partying. If you’ve never been to Las Vegas and you’re looking for a dispensary you can trust, these top three choices should get you going in the right direction. When you go to a new city, you probably want to check out a few famous spots, but not all of them, right? What’s the fun of going to dispensaries that everyone knows about? You can’t go wrong with either of these choices and if I were you, try to go to all four. When you come to Las Vegas, you want to try restaurants and clubs that no one has been to. Even if they’ve been to Las Vegas, showing your friends a new local spot is good. Show them a new kind of west coast buzz with our four favorite dispensaries in Las Vegas.


How NOT to book Club Crawls in Las Vegas

Going the Cheap Route

Did you find a Club crawl coupon on Groupon? Don’t do it. Fifty-dollar tours would be nice, but most operators doing this are just trying to fill up their buses and make a profit. 

How do you get the most for your money without spending too much? 

Usually, club crawl operators will pay for things like the bus rental, alcohol, club cover charges, hosts or guides, and even handle tips. 

For cheap Club crawls to make a profit, they have to do shady things like putting as many people on a bus as possible. If that wasn’t uncomfortable enough, imagine only driving up and down the strip, including low-quality alcohol, and after a terrible experience with their guests, insisting they tip their staff. These are several reasons you see club crawl prices in Las Vegas for under one hundred dollars, so don’t try it.

Waiting For Last-Minute Booking Deals

You know you’ve found a good value when the top Club crawls in Las Vegas sell out weeks in advance. Book on time when you see the club crawl you want to go on! 

Find out when the club crawl is going on sale, and book the minute it opens.

Don’t Try This Yourself

Especially if this is your first time in Las Vegas, you want to avoid renting a bus and taking it up and down the strip. Instead, you’ll only remember how much money you spent. 

First of all, buses are, on average, three hundred dollars per hour, plus you have to fill it up with gas. So when you want to get drinks, party, and try out clubs, the last thing you worry about is driving a huge bus around the Las Vegas strip.

Parking isn’t fun in Las Vegas. At this point, you’re not just paying for gas, an hourly bus rate, clubs, and your own drinks; you’re paying for hours of parking at a time. 

Since it’s your first time in Las Vegas, do you know all the hottest spots? Unless you want to go the tourist route of using Google to find the hottest clubs, you should trust locals who want to ensure you have a good time like you’ve been coming here for years.

More ways to have the Best Club Crawl

  1. Dress your best. Most clubs have a small dress code, but it’s super simple. Wear solid pants that fit you (slacks or jeans with no holes or designs), and they prefer a button-up shirt (preferably long sleeve). You can wear high-end clothing, as long as it’s worn appropriately. Men can’t wear shorts, boots, athletic shoes, or hats.
  2. Look nice, but make sure your feet feel okay. You’re going to be walking a lot.
  3. Bring two forms of ID. You never know when you might need it.
  4. Stay positive! Everyone is here to party and have fun.
  5. Understand that things may change, but be flexible with the hosts and venues as schedules can be adjusted or timings could be off. Hey, at least you get to dance on the party bus while everyone else waits in line for VIP.
  6. Tip as often as you feel so obliged. Employees work hard to make sure you have the best Vegas trip ever. The best way to thank your host and employees you meet throughout the night is by tipping them generously.
  7. Find people in your group to connect with. Talk to other groups and individuals if you’re in a group or with a friend. This is a great way to form a friendship over your trip. We’ve seen many people become best friends through Las Vegas club crawls!
  8. We know you will have a wild night, but make sure you listen to your host as they make announcements to keep the night moving. Remember, communicating that you want to stay at a certain club and catch up later is always an option.

Club Crawl FAQs

Are there dress codes for Las Vegas clubs?

Yes, when you’re on your nightclub crawl, you want to make sure you’re at least in nice shoes, pants, and a button-down. Some men aim for what we call stylish business casual. Make sure your shoes don’t hurt, either. It’s important to look nice, but stylish and comfy are key for a night of success.

What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule?

Within 72 hours of booking, you can cancel your tour or reschedule if we have dates available for a tour of similar or equal value to your purchase.

Will we get free drinks?

For the party bus, yes. Although we’ve seen some drink specials and even designated areas for club crawlers, the best place to cool off after dancing with some water or getting more alcohol is from your party bus. 

What do I bring?

Remember your ID (to be safe, maybe two forms), credit card, and cash for tipping. It’s important to always bring a positive attitude and ensure you’re wearing shoes you can walk in. This is an enjoyable way to experience Las Vegas, but you don’t want to ruin it by wearing the wrong shoes.

Can our group stay at a club while the crawl continues for others?

The goal of the club crawl is to throw yourself into all of what Las Vegas has to offer while finding a club you like. If you like a club you’re partying at, you’re welcome to stay, but remember, this doesn’t mean you get a refund. This means you had a successful tour, but we always recommend finishing the tour because you might find a club you like even better.

Can I create my own Club Crawl?

If you have a few clubs in mind, let us know, and we can help you make an itinerary. Let us know in advance that it’s a custom crawl so we can help you build the best deal.

Can I meet up with the crawl group later?

We prioritize the group being together but don’t hesitate to contact us if you need to make these arrangements.

How do I know when we’re going to the next Club?

If you see your group leaving, you should join them. The host will make their rounds to ensure everyone knows about departures and arrivals.

What if I’m single?

Most people who come to Las Vegas to the club crawls aren’t married with kids. Those people are probably at a resort, but the best way to find singles is through Club crawls in Las Vegas. Singles love to party, and you’ll be with the same group all night with plenty of time to get to know one another.

What about couples?

You may not have kids, or they may be back home; either way, if you’re a couple, you’ll love the Las Vegas club crawls. Don’t worry; you probably won’t be the only couple looking for a wild night at the Club. Instead of only being around singles, there will be plenty of couples looking to explore Sin City’s nightlife.

How can I book now?

Book now with VegasPleasure to get the party started!

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