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There always has to be a new and improved version of just about everything. Sometimes that new and improved really is better than what came before. Other times it’s just an unnecessary re-invention of the wheel. That goes for just about everything, including Las Vegas strip clubs. Sure, you can’t really improve upon having naked women around. The joint could be small or it could be massive, having a high caliber of exotic dancers in the club will never change. Instead, it is what goes into the nude strip club that is enhanced, tinkered with, and adjusted. That is where the Peppermint Hippo comes in. 

So, honestly, we’re not exactly the biggest fans of the name. To us it is rather unusual to use the term hippo when discussing strippers. Of course, this follows the theme of the Spearmint Rhino, although that makes a little more sense (you know, because a rhino is horny…get it? Get it? Dad joke for the win). But the Hippo? Well, what’s in a name, we guess. But is this Peppermint club addition worth visiting? Here are some of the other ins and outs you should expect when stopping by, whether it is for a bachelor party or you’re out on your own.

Legacy Of The Location

Prior to its rebranding and updating as the Peppermint Hippo, the space was occupied by a different strip club called OG’s. The club was known as a quality place to go with great strippers and even fantastic prices (in the world of naked Las Vegas strip clubs, that is). It wasn’t exactly as high end as some of the other joints, but hey, if you’re getting some nice dances and not breaking the bank, that’s a good thing in our opinion. But, some things eroded on the inside and it eventually shuttered in 2016. 

Now, this kind of space shutting isn’t going to be flipped overnight. You’re either going to plunk down millions upon millions of dollars to buy the space, or you’re going to rent it out for a hefty fee. Not to mention, it takes millions and millions to renovate the space and update everything. That is why it sat vacant for years, until eventually, the owners of the Peppermint Rhino decided to step in and take the place over. After all, while the space was expensive, having it left open is not good for business, and it might mean competition can come in and take clients away from existing clubs. So now, we all have a new club to visit and check out.


Strip club exteriors are always so…how do we put it…interesting. Some clubs have so many crazy lights you can see it from space. Other clubs, like this, is a bit more subdued. Although, if we’re being honest, the lighting makes it look like a cross between Jiffy Lube and a burrito stand. You would have thought they would use, you know, Peppermint colors instead of reds and yellows, but again, we’re not the ones designing the place. Like most other strip clubs, there is a bit of a warehouse feeling, due mostly because there aren’t any windows. Designing a building without windows does bring up some challenges, although if a major storm was to ever hit Las Vegas, strip clubs and casinos would be some of the best places to bunker down in. 

Beyond the lube and chimichanga vibes going on, the parking lot is well lit, there is a velvet area set up, and it’s pretty easy to either drive and park yourself, or be dropped off. Now, we know, when answering the question of what is a gentlemen’s club, you’re not going to weigh the exterior and how it looks. Really, the most important feature is how well lit the parking lot is. Beyond that, nothing else matters. You’re not going to find senior citizens outside, making watercolor paintings of the architecture during the day. You’re going to barely notice it, because what really counts is found on the interior.


There’s a security guard standing at the front, and you will receive a pat down. So don’t get cute and try to bring anything unlawful into the club. Also, don’t bring your ball cap into the club. Now, we get it, there are times where you’re coming from a Raiders game and you had your cap on all day. You can drop it off at the front with the hostess to pick up later, but in general, we would say it is far better to just leave the caps at home. 

As you continue on you’ll come across a rather nice looking Peppermint Hippo metal sculpture. The polish on the metal ensures the light reflects differently around the sculpture. In terms of quality art, it is nicely done. Sure, maybe the LED lighting blasting against it makes it a bit difficult to fully appreciate, but it’s nice. They do allow you to take pictures with the hippo (if, for whatever reason, you want people to know that you are at one of the better strip club events), but you’ll need to make sure all workers are out of frame. Just like inside the club itself, there is no photo taking within the club in order to protect the identity of everyone. Many of the girls have other jobs, and they don’t want their two professional worlds to collide. Because when that happens, the Independent Stripper might cease to exist! And nobody wants that. 

There is a small bar next to the hippo, and this is actually a pretty decent spot to snag a drink. Once you get inside it can be hectic and a challenge to order drinks (or, at the very least, you’ll be waiting around for your drink longer), so it is probably a good idea to order now before you’re fully ensconced in the stripper scene. 

Peppermint Hippo Main Stage

The main stage is pretty much right there when you walk in. Much like the entryway there’s going to be some bright pink LED lighting and you’ll be pretty much seeing reds and yellows for the remainder of your time. The stage itself is a good size. Nothing crazy, but it is large enough. There is also seating close to the stage and some tables with chairs just off to the side. 

Now, the club is new, but you can obviously tell the bones of an older club were used. Most of the new clubs are a lot more open, especially with the ceiling height. Heck, Hustler you can see up into the second floor as the center of the floor is cut out, which really helps increase the feel of the club (on top of the club just being massive anyway). So keep that in mind when you’re coming in. We don’t have anything against older looking clubs. Some of the best clubs around have maintained the same basic look and vibe for decades. But don’t automatically expect it to be super flashy. Basically the did what they could to modify and modernize the club, but you’re still going to have some 80s flashbacks. Again, much like the exterior, when you are searching for Las Vegas strip girls, you’re not necessarily bringing color swatches with you to test the paint and wallpaper designs. You want a club that isn’t going to bend you over on drink prices while also giving you access to fantastic girls. 

But maybe you are curious as to the kind of music you’ll be feeling in your chest as the exotic dancers take to the stage? At Peppermint Hippo there is a bit of everything, although you’ll mostly hear hip hop and rap. There will be some touches of EDM and R&B, although it’s going to vary night to night. The music system has been updated, so you’ll certainly feel it. 

As you’re checking out the area of the club around the main stage you will find the VIP tables, which is off to the right. These are going to cost you at least $2k, so unless you have that kind of cash you want to spend this it’s probably best to find a seat elsewhere. Now, when you’re in the VIP section you will generally have first dibs on the top-tier talent. It is a good way to test the waters of the girls and see which ones you’d like the most for a possible dance. Dropping money on strippers just to feel them out and get their vibe with private dances can quickly skyrocket your costs, so, in the end, that $2,000 price point might not be the worst thing in the world. Just something to keep in mind. 

Overflow Room and the Second Stage

Many of the larger gentlemen’s clubs have a secondary area that is roped off during the less-busy times of the week. When the club begins to fill up this area, which is just off to the left of where you enter, will be opened up. There is a second stage and another bar back here. Giving you a second option right out of the gate helps thin out the hurd when everyone is arriving at the club. The girls will generally move back and forth, so you don’t need to worry about missing some of the girls (besides, there’s probably going to be well over a hundred stripers working on any given night, so you’ll still have access to top tier talent, even if some of the girls don’t make it your way). 

The secondary stage area can be a good spot to grab a drink though. While in the area there’s again going to be another seating area. You can also see the large walk-in booze cooler where all the bottles are kept. They seemingly keep their whisky chilled in the same cooler as the vodka which, we’ll be honest, as whisky lovers, we’re not the biggest fans of this. Anyone who loves a quality whisky knows it needs to be served at room temperature in order to full appreciate the tasting notes (and maybe with an eye dropper splash of water to help it fully open up). Of course, you’re probably not coming to a strip club to sip on a fine whisky. After all, a pour that would cost $60 in another joint would probably cost five times that much in a stirp club. So you’re probably better off just getting the Jack and Coke. 

Peppermint Hippo Private Dance and VIP Rooms

Things get a little…hectic when it comes to the private dance areas. Have you ever visited a website and it had a half-dozen calls to action? It tells you to buy something, but no, it wants you to subscribe, but it would be really great if you checked out this other blog, or visited their social media profiles? Sometimes there’s just too much going on. Now, in the case of a website, too many calls to action and you’ll just back out slowly, never to visit the Web page again. With a stripper, you’re probably not going to abandon ship, but it does get a little confusing. Especially if one of the strippers tries to explain it to you and you’ve had more than your share of drinks. 

So let us break it down for you a little bit. First, there are song single booths. Basically, you go for a single dance. There are celebrity rooms, where you can fit up to four people (maybe you’re with your lady friend or you want to go wild and bring a few different strippers with you). There are larger booths that are used for half an hour, then there are hour rooms. You can bump up to a suite, and there is even a banquet hall if you have a large party. There’s just, in our opinion, too many rooms. They really over thought this entire situation. You’re a guy, you’re at a strip club, you want a dance. You’re probably thinking more with the brain in your pants then the brain behind your eyes. You don’t want to mull over a room menu. So don’t feel bad if you’re completely lost when the potential performer tries to explain it to you. It’s confusing. Unnecessarily so. 

Dress Code

As is the case with most of the higher end strip clubs in Vegas, the Peppermint Hippo has some dress rules and requirements. They are:

  • No headgear (hats, helmets…yes, helmets, and masks)
  • Anything gang related
  • Plain white t-shirts
  • Tank tops (doesn’t apply to women)
  • Athletic clothing
  • Ripped and torn clothing

Okay, so lets dive a bit deeper into these rules. First, can we all just talk about the hatred toward white t-shirts. What’s the deal? Okay, so the oversized hanes t-shirt is a no go. But a higher-end tee that fits well? What’s wrong with that? Johnny Depp has been pulling off that look for years, and you’re telling us you’d kick him out for showing up with a Hugo Boss V-neck because it’s white? But whatever, it’s their world, we’re only paying to live in it. 

Next, with regards to ripped and torn clothing, it’s okay if it is those little designer rips in your jeans (but nothing crazy where your entire knee is busting out), but don’t show up with your balls hanging out of your shorts because you sat down and split the pants. The dress code is on the higher end of casual. Keep that in mind. 

Lastly, sports wear includes sweats, track pants, and jerseys, although during sporting events you are allowed to rock a jersey.

Peppermint Hippo Prices

It is a higher end club, so you’re going to pay higher end prices. However, with that said, because it is a newer club some of the dancer and drink specials are less expensive than the surrounding competition. There’s no telling how long this will last though. It is a newer club and wants to bring in more people. When that starts to take place and it becomes a mainstay expect the prices to increase to the point of the surrounding clubs.

Transportation and Cover

Cover isn’t the worst thing in the world. If you drive yourself or are dropped off you’re going to pay a $30 cover (plus whatever it costs for your Uber or taxi driver to drop you off). 

There are usually cover and drink specials offered though, so you can secure free transportation and even a comped drink for you to enjoy. There are various deals to be had, so shop around and see what you can score.

Dance Costs

As you might expect with so many dance rooms, there are various price points to keep in mind. 

First, a lap dance right at the table in the main area (or secondary stage area) is going to cost $20. That is about as good of a price as you’re going to get from any club in the surrounding area. 

Want to hit up the VIP booth? Three songs will cost you $100. Of course, the problem with most strip club songs is they are like 12 seconds long (or at least that’s what it feels like at times), so those three songs will be over in, realistically, 10 to 12 minutes. A half-hour is going to run about $200. So maybe doing that you’ll get five to 10 minutes of additional time with the dancer over the 3 song rate. 

A larger room for a full hour is going to run $500. We, honestly, are not totally sure why the hour rate is more expensive per minute than the half-hour rate. Yeah, you get a better room, but who cares, right? Might as well just go with the small VIP room for half an hour and do it twice. 

Lastly, there is a very private (outside of the camera you can’t see that is monitoring to make sure there isn’t any form of prostitution going on) room that will run you a grand per hour. 

In terms of combining the cost of the cover with your basic dances, the prices are pretty good. Other strip clubs will charge you up to a hundred bucks just to get in. With that price at Hippo you can pay for cover, get three table dances, and still have $10 to go buy a beer.

Hookah Lounge

Hookah really had a moment maybe a decade or so ago. It isn’t as big of a thing now as it once was, but people still enjoy it. If you are one of them there is a hookah lounge on site. It is probably the most chill spot in the entire club, and it is a solid place to move to if you want to experience something a bit different that you’re not going to find in other clubs.


It’s a high end club and it’s new. So if it didn’t have good management it would go down quickly. The last club in this location (OG’s) went down because of poor management, and other clubs around town are starting to show problems because management is having various issues. Right now, the management is solid at Peppermint Hippo, which is really where everything starts. If management at the top sucks, everything else will crumble. There are other games in town, and girls will leave to work at other clubs. It is why your local strip club might be a bit on the suck side, as when there is only one strip club in town, there aren’t other options for both the guests and the performers. You will be greeted with a smile and well taken care of while visiting. And if you’re not, you should leave. The entire purpose of Vegas is to be properly taken care of, and if that doesn’t happen you need to spend your time elsewhere. 

The Strippers

You’re in a high end gentlemen’s club in Las Vegas. You’re going to have access to some of the best strippers in the world. This is because many girls from all over the world actually come to Vegas to perform, and they want to spend their time as high-end clubs like this one. So, you’re going to find great girls and you’re going to find just about every ethnicity you could imagine. Want a girl with a fat booty and a Colombian Spanish accent? Check. A big tittied blonde from Romania? Sure thing. Have a desire for a California girl beauty who spent her upbringing living on a beach with a Jeep? Got you covered. 

Unlike some of the other clubs though, here the girls can buy off their rotation. What does that mean? It means they can pay money to not go on stage. 

Let us explain a bit further. In smaller town strip clubs, going on stage is like advertising for the girls. They show off their moves and some of the guys are more likely to take her to a private dance. It makes sense in those settings. In Vegas, dancing on stage, especially for more established girls, cuts into their possible earnings. Maybe they have a good dance and they pull in a few hundred bucks. That is going to take time out of her night, she will have to scrounge up all those singles, stuff them away somewhere (possibly even take the cash back to her locker), and then go back on the floor. Instead, the top-tier talent will often pay off her rotation so she can find a guy to take her back to VIP. VIP is where the girls make their money, and it’s better for them to do as many VIPs in one night as possible. This means, if you see a bombshell walking the floor, you might want to pounce while you can.

Hours of Operation

We’ll keep this simple. It doesn’t close.

The Best Kept Secret of Peppermint Hippo

This isn’t advertised, but you know us, so we’re letting you in on a little secret. Come closer. We need to whisper it. Can’t let anyone else know. There is a super exclusive VIP lounge, known as the OG Room. This, of course, is in reference to the old OG’s club that predates the Peppermint Hippo (we like that name, but the longer title of the former club was Olympic Gardens). This isn’t a place you can just walk into though. You have to be a high roller guest. As in, you either have to be a celebrity, have serious cash, or come in and throw down serious money frequently. It is pretty cool if you’re ever able to get in. Chances are, you won’t make it into there, unless you try to bum rush the open door that is close to the liquor fridge in the overflow area, but hey, it is nice to be in the presence of VIPs.

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