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At they have incredibly stunning women of all kinds, and they frequently get rave reviews from our customers. Their escort services are second to none, so call them to get exactly what you want!

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Escorts Over Stripclubs

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Escorts Over Strip Clubs

Have Private Playtime

It’s Las Vegas; think of all the wild things you could do. Don’t even think about getting in the traffic of the nightlife when you could have private playtime in your luxurious suite. Especially if you’re spending a lot of money on rooms or renting houses, the last thing you want is to spend more money going out to be entertained. Strip clubs are overrated, especially when you could have girls sent to your room for your own private playtime. 

Bring The Party To You

Have the ideal ladies by your side without hopping from club to club. Instead, in the privacy of your suite or venue, you can watch girl-on-girl action, hot escorts take a bubble bath, or even play with sex toys. When’s the last time you’ve seen a stripper play with sex toys? I can answer that; they don’t. Also, when was the last time you were disappointed with the girls at a club? Five out of ten times, right? The odds are better in your favor when you throw your own party in a luxurious Vegas suite.

As long as you are respectful and the girl is into you, you can take things as fast and slow as you want. You’d be surprised at what hiring escorts can do for your private wild night. For the record, don’t call every escort you find online and ask for sexual favors. Think of escorts as more of a companion. You never want to call in like you’re going to a brothel. You’ll have to go more west for those types of functions.

Choose Your Fantasy

With an erotic entertainment reputation, Las Vegas is home to the world’s most elegant escorts. Would you like one-on-one time with the girl of your dreams? Believe me; they don’t have girls like this back where you’re from. When you schedule time with an escort through an agency, you get a large selection of escorts with specific features and specialties. You can respectfully decline if she’s not to your liking, and the agency will send another girl if she’s not up to your standards. 


If you invest in a nice room in Las Vegas, you can enjoy lavish amenities like your own jacuzzi and pool. Staying in and ordering private escorts to your room allows you to enjoy your grand suite with your elegant ladies without being around a crowd or random people not affiliated with your party. You can make your own rules, and as long as everyone is respectful of each other, you will have a damn good time. Clubs are great, and sometimes it’s great to experience Vegas lights. The best way to see vegas is through a luxurious suite with some of Las Vegas’s finest ladies.


There are two ways you can pay an escort; if she’s independent, she will quote you for a low price and then upcharge you as you spend more time together. Keep in mind an escort is a companion. There should still be a mutual connection, even though you’re paying her for her company. Make sure the vibe is right before proceeding with daily or nightly activities. 

The second way you can pay an escort is through her agency. If you contact a large escort agency, you’ll be spending a base fee that goes to the agency, and usually, the escort works out a rate with her agency for her to be paid on top of the initial cost. We recommend going with a well-known agency, so you’re not only getting the most for your money, but you’re also able to tip generously instead of her hounding you to spend more money on time spent. 

What NOT To do When Hiring An Escort In Las Vegas

Don’t Hire Escorts From Classifieds

You’ve probably been on sites like Craigslist to hire an affordable escort if you’ve ever been in the Las Vegas area. Although some escorts are the girl in their photos, these sites have a reputation for not being transparent. So unless it’s a selfie taken this year, her chances of looking like the girl in the photo are slim. Sites like these don’t have many regulations, so they can get away with fake photos and even take your money. 

If it’s your first time in Las Vegas, work with someone who can help you find the best escorts in Las Vegas to come to you for the lowest price.

Don’t Listen To Street Promoters Or Rideshare Drivers

Be careful listening to Rideshare Drivers. Just because they’re local, that doesn’t mean they always know what’s best. How do you know they aren’t trying to plug the family business? That’s great if you’re getting a good deal, but usually, Rideshare drivers don’t have that information. Instead, you’ll get some lousy tourist answers if you ask where the best girls in Vegas are at. 

Uber and Lyft Drivers may be able to give you a good recommendation, but your best bet when you’re not at the table is to go with the most reputable businesses with the best options in your fantasy. If the driver or street promoter starts asking what you’re doing, don’t let them talk you out of it, especially if you know what you’re doing. They may have the best intentions, but they often recommend tourist options that won’t get the best deal. 

Escort Cards For Tourists

Do you know those guys that walk up and down the strip slapping these cards, trying to get your attention? They have hot strippers and escorts you can call for prices as low as forty dollars, but it’s just a scam that tourists fall for.

If you call that number, it’s probably not the girl on the card. You won’t get a decent private escort or stripper for forty dollars. You’re welcome in advance. I wonder how many of you guys fell for that before? What happens in Vegas, right?

Picking Up Employees At Clubs Or Casino

You want to avoid being the guy trying to get laid off employees at clubs. These people are just working hard so they can go home, and believe me, they don’t want to go home with guests. 

You want to avoid falling for the girls that are good at poker and want to buy you a drink. But, unfortunately, tourists fall for that often, and instead of winning the next hand and racing to your room, they often lose money in a rigged game, thinking they’ll get lucky. 

Nobody Cares About Your Bottle Service

The best money you can spend is on a nice room for your escort to enjoy the amenities and your company. You’re mistaken if you think spending thousands on bottle service will make you the section surrounded by hot chicks. Quite frankly, it’s vegas; nobody cares about your bottle service.

The best way to have a good time in vegas is to impress yourself with how much value you can get without spending so much money. There’s nothing smart about over-priced bottles for your trip to Las Vegas. 

More Help With Hiring Escorts In Las Vegas

If you don’t know what you’re doing, you may not get the private experience you were looking for. Here are some ways to avoid that. 

1. Relax and enjoy yourself!

Maybe your buddy wants to go golfing, but the rest of the gang really isn’t all that into golf. Perhaps compromise with Top Golf, which is like a golfing range on steroids.

2. Hire from someone legitimate.

At this point, it’s on you if you’re scammed on a site like Backpage. We generally refer our clients to, but in the spirit of unbiased transparency we do have a few other vetted services we recommend for booking quality legal escorts.

Trusted Escort Services In Vegas

3. Quality over quantity.

Sometimes hiring one girl who is exactly what you want is better than having two average escorts do the job. But it’s Vegas; you should have it your way. And if you can swing it, then a quantity of quality is what we call winning!

4. Don’t pay in advance.

Unless you want to get scammed or disappointed when she arrives, it’s always good to approve in person before paying. In Las Vegas this usually means you pay what is called a “door fee” upfront as in, for a “small” fee (usually a couple hundred bucks) you get a girl to show up at your door. Once she is there you can send her away (sorry, no refunds) or you can continue the meeting and negotiate with her for the time you would like to engage her services further. That is the part we say do not pay in advance. You pay her once the services are over, and you add in a VERY generous tip because she made sure you had the adult entertainment experience you came for.

5. If you are unhappy…

Call for another, and politely send her back home. You will not get a refund, and that is part of how the industry works. But you can see there is no shortage of options here in Sin City, so just like at the poker tables, call it a bust and move on to a better dealer!

6. Prostitution is legal in Nevada

But you have to be a licensed establishment to participate. The closest brothel is in Pahrump, Nevada, called Sheri’s Ranch. Be respectful, and don’t break the law. We do not endorse illegal prostitution.

7. Don’t ask for rates on sex acts

Don’t call and start asking for rates on sex acts. You’ll be hung up on. Escorts are a legal licensed adult entertainment service in Las Vegas, prostitutes are not. As we said above, if you want that, the closest brothel is outside the city. But short of paying for sex, escorts can offer you a full range of adult entertainment that is legal and will still give you every bit of the Sin City experience you came for.

8. Don’t be a jerk

Don’t be a jerk, no matter how much you’re willing to spend. Adult entertainers are professionals who offer a niche service and take a lot of pride in their work. Sure, you may not hit it off every time, and that is when you part ways, and move on. There can be a lot of noise to filter when trying to find the services you want from a reputable provider. That is where we come in as your wingman, your adult entertainment concierge! The only gambling you should be doing is in the casino, when it comes to escorts you can rely on us to help you avoid the risk of trial and error.

9. Keep your hygiene in check

Ensure you’re showered and dressed appropriately for your date.


Especially if your escort was generous to you. This is a service industry, and tipping is the norm. It is also the best way to ensure your time is the best it can possibly be.

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