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The Library Gentlemen’s Club Las Vegas

On the outside, The Library very much has a familiar feel and vibe as other strip clubs around The Strip. Everything is awash in deep blue and purple lighting. There’s nothing all that special about the exterior, but of course you’re not hitting up a strip club to marvel at the external architecture. You’re there to marvel at the women’s architecture inside. 

But before you hop into a cab or call an Uber, there are two things you need to know about this Las Vegas strip club. First, it’s all nude. Like, 100%, everything is out. Most other strip clubs in Vegas are topless (although, depending on the dancer and the level of private dance you spring for, bottoms might come off). So that’s the good news. The bad news is fully nude strip clubs in Las Vegas are not allowed to sell alcohol. There’s only one club in Vegas that is grandfathered in, but that’s an older club and it’s more a novelty at this point. 

So, just know, you’ll see more skin at The Library, but you won’t have the alcoholic options. Which, who knows, might be alright. Maybe you’re not a drinker, don’t like alcohol, or trying to come down off a heavy buzz. You’ll just be dropping cash on overpriced Red Bulls. But that’s to be expected at any club. 

Before we move forward, because the club is a dry club, it does let in anyone over the age of 18. So, if you’re in that 18-20 age range and want to have a solid rack rubbed in your face but can’t get into the other clubs, this is an excellent option.

The Library Hours & Info

Looking to visit? Don’t worry, we have all the information you need. 

  • Open 7 Days a week
  • Open from 7 PM until 4 AM Sunday through Thursday, 7 PM until 6 AM on Friday and Saturday
  • Pricing: $20 a dance. Not bad for Vegas. There’s no bottle service. Jamming sparklers into an energy drink can doesn’t have the same effect.
  • Music: Mostly Top 40 with a heavy reliance on hip hop. You won’t get the REM, techno vibe, which can be found at other clubs. 
  • Dress Code: Don’t dress like a slob. Put pants on (not raggy jeans), leave your ball cap at home, because you’ll be asked to check it, and for the love of god, take a shower before heading in. 
  • Dancers: Some of the best around. While strippers at other strip clubs might take advantage of the super intoxicated, there are other girls that appreciate guys who aren’t totally drunk off their bum. 

Where is The Library in Las Vegas

Set 2112 Western Ave, Las Vegas into your GPS, or just tell your driver to take you to The Library Gentlemen’s Club. There shouldn’t be any problem. And sure, while the standard strip club looks like an oversized office building without windows (doesn’t that sound like pure hell?). But, in case you get turned around and aren’t really sure, Sin City Tint, the car window tinting place, is next door, and you’ll spot Revolution Tattoo across the street. 

A Strip Club With History

We’re using the term “history” loosely here. It doesn’t have the kind of name recognition or longevity as other strip clubs in Vegas. Some of those clubs date back ages, have gone through numerous renovations and even more owners. The Library Gentlemen’s Club doesn’t have the boozy nightlife as other clubs, but this fully nude strip club, which has been around for nearly 15 years since its launch in 2011, does have a unique place in Vegas.

The owners of the club know a thing or two about running successful strip clubs as they’ve done so throughout California (including Anaheim of all places, which we always thought was nothing but a parking lot and home to a baseball team nobody cares about). 

The real interesting part though was the strip club originally opened as a topless club with booze. So, why the pivot? 

2020 and COVID, that’s why. 

There were so many rules and regulations and problems that the club decided to adopt a fully nude business model while skipping out on the alcohol. Most spots were very limited in what they could serve between 2020 and 2021, so it made more sense to offer more skin when they already couldn’t drink much. 

The move has proven very successful as it has become a go-to spot for visitors and locals alike. If you’ve been around the Strip a few times then you might remember Cheetahs. But the new owners took over, and most importantly have taken care of the working girls, which has brought even more girls in. 

Because girls talk. They know who treats them right and who’s a piece of shit. It’s why you see various clubs slowly bleeding to death. Treat the girls right and they will want to work for you. It’s as simple as that.

Full Club Review

For one reason or another, we tend to find the fully nude clubs are actually often the cleanest. Maybe because you don’t have as many super-lit bros spilling drinks and stuff. They’re also a bit cozier, which is nice as well. That’s what we’ve found at this full nude strip club.

There are a number of satellite VIP rooms with different seating options, so whether you and your buddies want to go in a room with different girls, you want a few girls, or you want a smaller room that is intimate for you and a single dancer, there is an option. 

We do get a kick out of The Library saying they have a “full service” non-alcoholic bar. It’s a glorified soda fountain. And we’re not talking about one of those Coke touch-screen things that have a billion different flavor variations. It’s your standard bar with a soda gun and some cans of juice, energy drinks, and other basics. 

Typically we stick with water or an energy drink when needed. If we’re going to overpay for a drink, it’s not going to be on a Sprint. However, there is a hookah lounge inside, so if that’s your jam, it’s there. 

As is the case with the exterior, the interior of the club has lots of blue and purple LEDs bumping to the music. There’s also some televisions, so if there’s a game on and you want to watch it and bouncing titties, have at it.


Now, one of the good things about going to a non-alcohol strip club is that driving to the club is an actual option. You’ll leave sober, which means it’s easier to drive, and there’s loads of parking on site. There’s both parking in the front, and around back, so you can put your car wherever you want to. You can also grab an Uber or a taxi if you don’t have a car (or don’t feel like dealing with it)

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