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Treasures Las Vegas

Consistently the Best Gentlemen’s Club

Going to a strip club in Las Vegas isn’t all about seeing some spectacular women in little to no clothing. Yes, it’s a big part of it, but you’re going to find great looking women in just about any of the clubs in Vegas. This is why you need to consider other factors when identifying the club you want to go to.

If you want to bounce around, by all means bounce around, but that’s going to be some extra cover charge change you could save and put towards dances if you simply stayed put. With all the adult entertainment out there, Treasures Las Vegas often stands above the crowd not simply because of the sexy girls and VIP services, but because of the customer service, attention to detail, and even the complimentary limos leaving the club that will take you back to your hotel (or wherever else you want to go) late at night. 

The little things in life make all the difference, and that holds true when considering strip clubs. That is why (spoiler alert) we recommend Treasures as a must-visit.

Treasures Club Exterior Theme

The exterior of Treasures is that of a high-end resort. We’ve seen some write-ups saying it has a Romanesque design, but nah, that’s what someone who’s never been to Italy (or, heck, knows anything about architecture) would say. If you want a Greek or Roman vibe, go to Caesar’s. This feels more like you’re rolling up to the Four Seasons. It is tasteful without going over the top. Which, let’s be honest, a plenty of other strip clubs in the city could take a cue from. We get it, we’re going to a strip club. You don’t need to blind us with neons and the aesthetic of an early 90s coke house. 

You’re not going to a club based on its exterior design, but Treasures does about as good of a job as you can do (especially when it comes to constructing a building with little to no windows)

Treasures Club Interior Theme

The Treasures strip club does begin to push the boundaries of tasteful into tacky with some of the interior decor. We love all the plush leather and wood accents. There’s plenty of detailing that is fantastic. The carpet up the winding staircase is a bit much. As in you might get a little dizzy if you’ve already pounded a few cocktails. Just keep your sights set on the erotic paintings. Remember, it’s not smut, it’s art. There’s a difference (at least so says my art history professor). 

Much like the exterior though, things are done, generally speaking, in a tasteful way. Make a couple tweaks and it looks just like some rich dude’s home. But there’s just enough edgy nude decor you will never forget where you actually are. You’re in a strip club about to get a lap dance (or several) from the stripper of your choice.

Treasures Club Steakhouse

You’ll find a surprisingly comparable steakhouse inside of the strip club. Thankfully you don’t have to fend off blasting bass and blinding lights. It has a nice, explorer’s club kind of vibe going on, with plenty of wood and leather going through. Paired with a nice scotch and it really is a good option. 

Now, we wouldn’t say to go to Treasures just for the steak. That would be crazy. You have plenty of other steakhouse options back around town. The meat isn’t THAT amazing. But, if you’re at the club and are hungry, or if you want to kill two birds with one stone, just know you’re not getting that Ponderosa all-you-can eat $0.99 steak add-on. The food is pretty decent.

Treasures Club Main Floor

The interior has a kind of a strip club meets casino vibe to it. We mean this in the best way possible. It’s just the decor and lighting has kind of an updated casino feel to it. We like it because there’s space to move about. Some strip clubs, like a lot in Nevada County, just cram way too many people inside. Things can get busy with all the patrons and Treasures Las Vegas dancers walking about, but even so, it’s comfortable, and you don’t need to pay for bottle service to get a table. 

The chairs are pretty comfortable, and it is obvious they have been updated recently. And no matter where you sit in the club you will always have a solid view of the stages as well as the plethora of girls walking around.

Upstairs at Treasures Club

On the off chance things are busy on the main floor, just walk up the stairs to the second floor. We’re always surprised how well stairs work at thinning the crowd. Like a tipped over cow, some people just can’t get up those stairs. 

The overall look continues, although there is a fun night sky mural on the ceiling. It has a bit of a Lisa Frank color thing going on, which is cool (if you grew up in the 80s/90s all the cool kids had at least one Lisa Frank folder in their trapper-keeper). 

The upstairs also has its own bar, hostess, and VIP area. It’s almost like its own little club annex away from the main club. And don’t worry, plenty of women will make their way up stairs. So you don’t need to fret. You’ll find someone to drop cash on. This we can promise you.

You will find the VIP areas in the upstairs portion of the club. There are also varying private rooms. Some of the rooms are big enough for you and your girl, while others are the perfect size for bachelor parties. If you are considering heading to Treasures for your bachelor party and want to book out the space it is highly recommended to give the club a call ahead of time. There will be some hourly booking requirements

Music at Treasures Club

Unlike other strip clubs, Treasures does put the DJ more on center stage (or at least side stage). Plenty of spots will hide their DJ in a tinted window closet. That’s not the case here. Of course, there are video projections that go with the music, so you can see videos that either accompany the song or that the DJ has cut together themselves. Either way, it does give the main floor a bit more of a strip club meets dance club vibe. 

That continues on with the music. You’ll get it all. From top 40 to REM to R&B. They’re probably not going to rock your Jack Johnson request, but you can use that as you come down from a high of the night (maybe while picking at some tacos from one of the many late night taco trucks). 

Drinks at Treasures Club

Beyond experiencing Treasures Club Las Vegas dancers nude in VIP, there are plenty of drinks you can enjoy. Namely, just about any kind of drink. Now, you might not find some of the high-end scotch brands (although you won’t have any problems hunting down some Johnnie Walker Blue Label), but other than that you should be able to order any kind of drink or mixed cocktail to your liking.

Although there is no bottle service, there are also some drink plans you can go for. Usually, there is a $40 cover charge that comes with two drink tickets. Be careful with this though. Some girls will swoop on you hoping you will buy them a drink with one of your tickets (and then, annoyingly, some of them will use it on a Red Bull). We say use those tickets on yourself. And when you consider the cost of a cocktail, you’re pretty much getting $30 worth of drinks and a $10 cover, so it’s not a bad deal when you break it down.

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