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Crazy Horse 3

The general vibe of Crazy Horse 3 is kind of a West Coast meets Vegas mashup. You have touches of South Beach mingling with the bright neons of Sin City. At least that’s what they market it as. There might be a touch of LA but personally we get more of a Miami Vice South Beach over SoCal South Beach. But hey, to each their own. It’s both unique and totally expected, all at the same time. 

Now, you’ll have people spout off that there are celebrities, athletes, and other big time personalities walking through the club. Eh, kind of but not really. Those writeups make it sound like you’re just as likely to see Lebron James as you are Jenna Jameson. That’s not exactly the case. First, if there is a celebrity there chances are you will never see them, because they will be in the back. But more likely than not, the biggest celebrity you’ll see is one of the porn star performers making a stop at the club. 

But now that we have that out of the way, this is the kind of club you can be Mr. Hollywood, if you choose to be (and if you have the cash). Plus, it’s one of the closest major strip joints to the Vegas Strip, and there’s plenty of free limo services that will take you so you don’t have to deal with Ubers

Crazy Horse 3 Exterior

Yes, yes, Crazy Horse 3 is right across the street from the airport. But this isn’t your standard airport strip club (shivver–we’ve been to a few, and those are never good). The club does have this kind of faux Ancient Greek thing going on which is…debatable if they actually pull the look off (we don’t think so, but hey, A for effort). It’s hard to get excited about the look when you already have Ceasar’s Palace not far away. Yes, it’s Rome vs Greece, but one nails it, the other, well at least they tried. 

Still, it’s better than that block warehouse look of other exterior Las Vegas strip clubs, and it has an ample parking lot, so what else could you ask for? It’s not like you’re coming to Vegas to admire strip club architecture.

Inside Crazy Horse 3

This is not one of the biggest strip clubs in the area. In fact, it is downright dwarfed next to some of the major additions around town. But there’s nothing wrong with that. Frankly, some of the other clubs have too much wasted space in our opinion. This club isn’t massive, but it still feels comfortable. Plus, the reduced size let management focus on quality decor and higher end lighting and seating. 

Honestly, you have some of the better seating options here. Sure, they have the similar circular design seats that can roll out to give strippers easy access, but we are fans. When you plan on parking your caboose somewhere, there’s few better strip club options than Crazy Horse Las Vegas.

The smaller size and decor upgrades give this club more of a luxury feel than some of the other spots. Granted, we go to clubs for the girls, but it’s also the little things that count. When a club also focuses on the design and actually has a conscious plan with how it is designing itself, we appreciate it. 

Beyond taking in a visit from a stripper, you can take in the big game from one of the five VIP experience bars and two dozen TV screens. Don’t see your favorite team up? Just ask. You better believe they have NFL Sunday Ticket (and all the other packages), so you can watch titties and touchdowns to your heart’s content. 

Beyond this, the club has a pretty impressive fun menu. Anything from finger food to sushi rolls is available (please, no fish smelling jokes, they’ve heard it all). You can even order yourself a hookah or cigar.

The Atmosphere at Crazy Horse 3

We’ll go on record and say the atmosphere at Crazy Horse III is top-notch, especially compared to Crazy Horse Paris. It might actually be the best in the city. For starters, there’s a strict dress code. You’re not rolling in with ball caps or cargo shorts. You need to wear pants (no holes) and a button-down or polo. Don’t have it? You’re not getting in. 

Having a set-in-stone dress code sets the stage, and everything else follows. The lighting is second-to-none. Again, we feel it has more of a Miami vibe (maybe it’s the colors more than anything else), but whatever coast it’s drawing inspiration from, it’s working, and it’s high end. We’ve been to strip clubs in both Miami and LA, and this one is probably better than the clubs in both cities. 

The main stage is massive, where you’re going to see numerous exotic dancers on stage. Unless there’s a highlighted performer you’re going to probably have several girls working it. It’s fun to watch the show, including when the girls work in tandem. 

Most of the lap dances are table dances, but if you feel like upping the anti, you can opt for a naked lap dance backstage. There first is the VIP room, where you’re going to receive what they call a “VIP lounge,” although this is basically just a smaller version of the main area, and it isn’t all that private. You’ll need to head to the VIP suites, 

We’re going to let you in on a little sacred. You’re going to see advertisements for “nude girls” and “nude dancers,” but we’re going to tell you something. Palomino is the only strip club in Las Vegas that is fully nude, and that is because it was grandfathered in before a new clothing requirement in Vegas. That means you’re not going to receive any completely naked girls. Want a fully nude girl? Hire an escort for your bachelor party. Because when you go VIP with a stirppers, the Crazy Horse backstage nude dance will not be 100% nude.

Music at Crazy Horse 3

Ths music here is about as expansive as you’re going to find at any strip club. Most of the time it’s going to be Top 40 with House and R&B sprinkled in. Basically anything with a bassline strippers can dance to. But there are all kinds of DJs that will pop in and mix it up, so you never really know what’s going to be played, and that helps keep everything fresh.

Service and Staff

The staff here are some of the best, and while they are all fun, they also thrive at making sure you are well taken care of. This is accentuated when there is a themed party going on (stop by for Cinco de Mayo, it is a sight to behold. Trust us).

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