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Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas

Spearmint Rhino Exterior Theme

Whether driving up yourself or relaxing in the back of a limo, there’s no denying you’re arriving at a completely different kind of strip club when pulling in front of the Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas strip club. It’s obvious you absolutely are no longer back home in your neck of the woods. The strip club is large and spacious, with a massive, 40-foot overhang, and plenty of lights. Honestly, if you thought you were being dropped off in front of some kind of newly designed movie theater you wouldn’t be mistaken. It does have that kind of vibe. If you didn’t know what went on behind those closed doors and you didn’t know what Spearmint Rhino was, you might think you’d walk in, catch the latest Marvel flick, and maybe buy a tub of popcorn.

Well, truth be told, while some of the strippers might be dressed up as Black Widow, what you’re going to see inside of Spearmint Rhino is far beyond any of those superhero films. You’d probably find more neon lights and flashing signs at those theaters than at this strip club. But don’t worry, if you’re pulling up for your bachelor party, you’re still in for a wild ride. Just son’t be put off by the any-town USA strip mall vibe going on outside.

Spearmint Rhino Interior Theme

Walk through that front door of the Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s Club and you’ll quickly forget the strip mall exterior. Well, keep the “strip,” remove everything else. It also will remind you that you’re not in some run of the mill strip club either. This is a high end establishment and the decor demonstrates it. 

The exact interior theme is a bit difficult to pin down. It is kind of a collage of different looks. It has that 1980s Scarface feel of cheetah print-like carpeting, overstuffed faux leather seating, textured gold walls, and plenty of curtains, to give you the feeling that there are windows available to overlook your kingdom. The updated 1980s high roller is, in reality, exactly what you want when it comes to a Vegas strip club. If you’re going to go all Don Johnson, you might as well live it up with the right environment. There is ample room to walk about, although with all the visitors, staff, and strippers, it can still become crowded.

Lighting consists of the stage lighting, which is on par with any of the Las Vegas dance shows and raves you might have visited. Tables also have individual lights, reminiscent of paper lanterns, so you can always spot your drink, as well as the pair of tits on the broad sitting across from you. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly fine to look. You’re in one of the finest strip club establishments in the world, after all. So take it all in.

Spearmint Rhino Main Floor

Don’t like stairs? Well, you’re in luck, because Spearmint Rhino is all the main floor. So there’s no walking up stairs to get to special sections. It’s all on the main floor, and with such a high ceiling you won’t feel overcrowded.

While on the main floor of the Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s Club you will have access to all the strippers on the floor. You will find the main performance stage, with plenty of seating surrounding the stage. There are then secondary tables with lush chairs around them. You also have the VIP tables, where you can buy bottle service and have girls share the area with you.

There is a smaller satellite dance table, which provides more of an intimate performance opportunity. This is great if you want to receive more direct attention from the performer as you slide bills onto the glass dance floor. The Spearmint Rhino girls will rotate every few songs, so if you’re at the satellite table, or relaxing on one of the couches nearby, you are always just a few songs away from the next girl taking the stage. And don’t worry, unless the girls are performing in VIP, they have to take the stage at different points of the night. So if you spot one of the strippers that you like but you would prefer to see her moves before springing for a lap dance (or VIP dance experience), you can just kick back, enjoy a drink, and wait for her to take the stage.

Everything you want you will get right on the main floor, which makes not only everything easy, but finding your friends as well. If you’ve ever gone to a strip club with buddies before you know it’s pretty easy to get split up, with some back in VIP, others receiving regular lap dances, and others at the stages. While Spearmint Rhino is still a large space, there aren’t loads of nooks and crannies to go hunting your buddies down in. Just kick back and relax. They will turn up sooner or later.

Spearmint Rhino VIP Rooms

“VIP” is broken down into two categories at the Spearmint Rhino. There is the VIP Experience, an there are VIP rooms. The VIP experience is basically the strip club’s bottle service. You will receive a “private” table, which is basically a slightly better table a bit away from all the regular tables, with some more space, and you’ll get a few bottle packages built into the VIP service. There are four VIP Experiences for sale at Spearmint Rhino. The first (as of April, 2023) is a “$550 World Class Experience.” With this you receive one premium bottle and three mixers, plus VIP car service to the club (although if you look around you can already find free transportation to the club anyway), prime seating for up to five. Basically you’re dropping this much for a larger booth and a bottle of “Premium” booze. The “$1100 World Class Experience” comes with two premium bottles (with 3 mixers) and seating for 10. The $1650 World Class Experience” is three premium bottles and seating for 15, while the “$5000 World Class Experience” is 10 premium bottles and seating for 30. Basically you’ll get 10% off the other VIP experiences if you splurge for 10 bottles.

But what about the VIP rooms? Well, they aren’t exactly rooms at the Spearmint Rhino. Remember those curtains we referenced? Yup, behind some of those curtains are the VIP spaces. Pull back a curtain, take a seat on the sofa, and the curtain closes behind you and your stripper. Every stripper at the Spearmint Rhino has her own set of rules. That’s generally what you are going to find whatever strip club you go to. Some girls will provide a full nude strip club service right out of the gate, while others will only go topless until they are in the VIP room.

You will want to discuss the VIP prices with the girls. There is generally a set price, but some girls will ask for more, if they are in high demand. We typically hear the cost of $400 an hour floating around, which is inline with what you would spend at other clubs and their VIP rooms, but it might be a little different, and some might require you to purchase additional drinks (while others will give you the drinks when you spring for VIP).

VIP is supposed to be about getting additional services and being a little more private, but the reality is it doesn’t feel all that more VIP at the Spearmint Rhino simply because you’re on the same floor and can hear the same music. The curtain doesn’t offer that much privacy, so if you’d want to get to know the girl and talk with her, that is rather tricky, due to the noise level.

So, is are the VIP rooms or the World Class VIP Experiences worth it? Well, it depends on you and your budget. If you have money to splurge with and see a girl you absolutely want to have private dances from (you will, because there are some bombshell broads at the club) then you’ll enjoy it. But if you don’t feel like dropping probably a grand or more, it’s better to stick with the main floor lap dances.

Music at Spearmint Rhino

We’ll let you take a while guess at what kind of music you’re going to hear at Spearmint Rhino and, guess what, you’ll likely be right. Music at strip clubs doesn’t really alter all that much. In fact, at your local strip club there will likely be more variation than at the bigger Vegas clubs. Why? Because most local clubs the girls working the clubs get to choose what songs they want to dance to. They might want to dance to some dubstep, or they might want to dance to country music. They have a bit more control over it. That is not the case at these mega clubs in Vegas and in other locations (like Miami and Los Angeles). Girls are part of the gentlemen club machine, and they will fit in log cogs. The club picks the music and generally dictates when the girls go on stage. They dance to whatever music is playing. 

Music at the club will have a faster pace to it. This helps elevate the heart rate. Kind of like those banger dance songs you listen to while at the gym. You might never beat Skrillx anywhere else, but it helps you keep your motivation while working out. The same idea is true at strip clubs. That is why you’re going to get the same basic tunes at Spearmint Rhino as you will most of the other clubs. Of course, unless there is a special themed night going on, but those are few and far between. So, if you’ve ever been to a strip club in the past, you already know what kind of music you’re going to get. The only real difference is the lighting show that goes on around the stage. You’re going to get plenty of flashing lights, strobes, and all the other qualities of a Vegas performance. That, at least, will be better than the production you would have received back home. 

Drinks at Spearmint Rhino

You can find just about whatever drink you’re looking for at Spearmint Rhino. At least within reason. If you are a mixed drink fan or there is a specific kind of cocktail you’re searching for, you’ll find it here. Yes, you’re going to pay that Vegas adult strip club premium on the beverage, but that’s how it goes. The price isn’t all that different from any other strip club you go to (or really clubs in general) in Vegas. If you’re visiting from a smaller city there is probably going to be some sticker shock initially. But if you’re coming from Miami, Phoenix, New York, Boston, or any other large metro area, the prices won’t seem all that different. 

Now, are there drinks you’re not going to find? Sure. If you are searching for a specific bottle of scotch, well, we have news for you. Unless you’re ordering up a Johnnie Walker, strip clubs aren’t exactly the destination to go for an assortment of aged whiskies. And, besides, a shot of Blue Label is going to cost you, what, $60 back at home? Do you really want to spend double that at a Vegas strip club, when you could just get a 7 & 7 and put the rest of that towards a few lap dances? Sounds better, right?

Other than that, if you want a high end vodka, you’ll find it, if you are a rum fan, you will find it, and you will also find a number of tequilas, because, and let us fill you in on a little secret (are you leaning in close?), if you buy a girl a drink, tequila is almost always the way to go. Don’t buy her some shot of Jack Daniels or a sugary mixed drink. Stick to tequila, and maybe a Red Bull. 

Service and Staff

One thing you absolutely need to expect whenever going to an adult strip club is exceptional service. If you don’t receive the best service possible you need to walk right out. Sure, there are titties bouncing around and it can be difficult to think, but you’re going to get the best tits money can buy bouncing in your face at every club in Vegas. And this is about as “customer service” as you’re going to get.

The staff at the strip club will all be hot, sometimes even hotter, than the girls performing. It’s not unusual to find a drop dead gorgeous woman working the bar or bringing you your drinks. She likes getting the tips but doesn’t want to take off her clothes. But she still knows that sex sells and she will probably wiggle her booty for a few extra bucks (no grabbing without being told it’s okay though. There are different rules, specifically for the service staff). There is also that dreaded bathroom attendant. Yes yes, we know. There is always that sigh of annoyance when walking into the bathroom and seeing a dude hanging out with paper towels and his display of cologne and candies. It’s because there is a strange obligation to tip the guy for handing you a paper towel and saving you a grand total of 0.5 seconds. But, that’s how it is. 

We will give you another suggestion though. If you want to find out something about the club, have a question about what is going on, or want some insights on performers, tip the bathroom attendant a $20 and ask away. This dude has to stand in a bathroom and listen to guys piss and take dumps all night (with some yacking in between). He’s more than willing to spill the beans for a few bucks. He’s probably the only person in the entire club you’re able to get any worthy insights of the day from. So while it can be a bit annoying to tip for a paper towel, you can still use his insights to your advantage.

Final Thoughts

The club is about what you might expect from a big brand Las Vegas strip club. Yes, we are not fans of the external design. It has that mass-produced feel that you can find in every single city across the country. Basically it is void of personality. Sure, we get it, you’re not going to a strip club based on the exterior’s personality, but we like a unique touch to stand out, you know. Hell, there are casinos built to look like the Eiffel Tower and a glass pyramid. They can do better than a strip-mall feel. At least in our opinion. 

Inside the club is good. You’ll get most drinks you order and you’re going to find some truly amazing women. There’s no denying that. We aren’t the biggest fans of the VIP setup though. The VIP rooms aren’t rooms at all. They are just curtained off cutouts within the main section of the club. This means it will still be loud, and other than a sheet of velour fabric partitioning you from the rest of the strippers and guests, you don’t have all that much privacy. There are times we want to have actual conversations with our stirppers. We’re dropping the half a grand for an hour, so we should be able to have a conversation without yelling over music if we want. Because of this, if we were to want a VIP stripper experience we would probably go somewhere else. The setup just isn’t our vibe. But, of course, if you’re there and you’re feeling one of the girls and you want to take the next step in your strip club relationship, by all means go for it. Just don’t expect much of a conversational back and forth once you’re there. 

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