Going To Vegas As A Couple

Your Guide To Las Vegas For Couples

Be Naughty. Be Bold.

You don’t have to split away from your partner to experience true pleasure here in Vegas. It’s actually the perfect destination when it comes to pleasure for the two of you.

Live Entertainers. For Couples.

Your relationship can be jump started, all with the help of a few Vegas professionals who will help you make memories the two of you will never forget.

When considering a trip to Vegas, making it a “couple’s trip” may not be the first thing that comes to mind. With a nickname of Sin City, it may not announce itself as a relationship builder, but if you look deeper at what there is available, you and your significant other may just end up being surprised. There are plenty of couple friendly activities, so whether you’re interested in the best clubs for couples in Vegas or you just want to know a few options for how to have fun at a strip club with your partner, here are more than a few tips, suggestions, and examples of how you can have a fantastic time in Vegas, take advantage of what the city has to offer, and grow your relationship.

The Best Vegas Strip Club For Couples

So finding that 5 star strip club made for couples isn’t always as easy as walking into the first strip club you find. Yes, most clubs will have no problem dancing for a couple or taking your significant other in the back for a private dance, but you’re looking for more. You deserve more. That’s why you need to know what the best clubs for couples in Vegas are and how to find them. 

But maybe these locations are not for you, you’ve already been there, or you’d like to maybe try something a bit different. There are, after all, strip clubs all around greater Las Vegas. What should you do? Well, if there’s a spot literally next door, by all means pop in. But if there are other locations you’re interested in, give them a quick call, or shoot them a Facebook message (most locations will respond relatively quickly if you’re not in the mood to talk on the phone). Just ask about any special couple services. It shouldn’t take long to find one that’s nearby and even within walking distance. 

For real though, if you really just want to party without the headache of all the planning, call VEGASPLEASURE to have it all handled for you, the right way!

There’s infinite possibilities when it comes to Vegas night life. And if you got roped into one of those dual bachelor bachelorette party ideas (which is like 99.9% the woman’s suggestion, usually because they either don’t trust you, or they want to go to Vegas as well…), it’s nice to have some nightlife options for everyone. In fact, you might be surprised as to the kind of Las Vegas couples clubs there are available. 

Best Clubs For Couples In Vegas

Let’s face it, not everyone is ready for full on Sin City as a couple, but that is not a problem. The city is sexy even without all the sin, and the excitement can be enough for some couples.

If that sounds like you, then we know of several night clubs where our couples always report having a great time together. So check out the venues below to see what has the vibe you are looking for. We can even book you a club crawl package with a party bus for even more couples fun.

Las Vegas Couples Clubs

ZOUK @ Resorts World

Zouk Website

Hakkasan @ MGM

Hakkasan Website

XS @ Wynn

XS Website

Drai’s @ Cromwell

Drai’s Website

Vegas Strip Clubs For Couples

In general, the best strip clubs in Vegas for couples are considered to be Spearmint Rhino, Hustler, Treasures, and Sapphire. Many of the larger clubs will have more couple-catered options. You’ll also find a wider selection of performers to help satisfy all your cravings. 

Couple Friendly Strip Clubs In Vegas

Tips For First Time Couples

It doesn’t matter if you have been to Vegas a million times before, or this is your first time, there are some very specific pointers you need to remember as a couple. Because for every couple that has the time of their relationship lives while in Vegas, there are those couples that completely fall apart, and the fracture begins in Sin City (or it’s the final straw that breaks the relationship camel’s back). So, if you’re looking to maximize your time with some couple friendly adult entertainment without bringing about relationship issues, here is what you need to know.

Focus On Your Partner

It’s so easy to just let your hormones get the better of you. After all, you’ve already agreed to visit Las Vegas with your partner, which means they know there’s going to be some adult play going on. But that still doesn’t mean you can just lunge at the first stripper that crosses your path. It’s no longer an individual game but a team game. And if you do your own thing, the team will fall apart. 

Instead, you need to focus on the pleasure of your partner. This is especially the case if you have to do some convincing for them to come with you (if you find yourself on your knees, begging and pleading, this might not be the kind of destination for you). You can find the best Vegas strip club for couples in the entire city, but it’s all for not if you don’t make sure they feel appreciated, and that the attention is on them.  Don’t worry, you’ll receive what’s coming to you. That isn’t an issue. What could be an issue though, is rising tensions and jealousy if you don’t focus on your partner. Just remember, when you go home, you’re returning with your partner, not the stripper or the escort. Do what you can to make your partner happy, not the live entertainer.

For The Dudes Out There

Don’t dominate the activities and don’t force your partner to do anything. So, when you’re walking past a popular strip club, don’t grab her and drag her inside. That’s a lot of pressure for your partner, especially if they are not yet mentally up for it. It might take some mental convincing on their part, especially if they haven’t been to a strip club before. If you are in town with a woman, it is very easy for some women to feel self-conscious about themselves. They are going to walk into a club where most of the women are in the best shape of their lives, they have incredible bodies, and they are just oozing with sexuality. For some women, this isn’t an issue, but for others it’s a trigger, and forcing them into such a situation won’t be good for anyone. 

Instead, you can mention it in passing. Toss it into a conversation and read her response. And don’t just focus on what she says. That’s amateur stuff. You need to pick up on her body language, whether if there are any shifts in how she moves, and if there are changes in the conversation after it’s mentioned. 

The best way to go is to have her come up with the couple friendly club idea. Or at least have it seem like it’s her idea. You don’t have to go psychotic or neurotic with this. Just park your car near a strip club on the strip, so you have to walk past it. See if she says anything. It’s basically bringing it up in a conversation without you actually bringing it up in a conversation. 

And, as always, make sure to compliment her. Tell her she’s beautiful and how amazing she is. Build her up. Because if she hears you saying things to the escorts but you don’t pay the same compliments to her, there will be trouble later (for that matter, hold on to the compliments directed at the working girls in Vegas. They don’t need to hear them from you, but your wife or girlfriend does). 

One For The Ladies

If you’re out with your man at a strip club, this might be the first time you’ve ever been in such an establishment with your significant other. It is an interesting experience to say the least (especially if this is you are a relative newcomer to the world of strip clubs, with or without your boyfriend or husband). 

There might initially be a big of awkwardness in the air between the two of you. Some guys might just dive right in, as if he’s just there with one of the guys (or even by himself). Other mights might act like they’re walking on thin ice and don’t want to make any sudden movements, out of fear of offending you with their actions or decisions. It really is a tight rope to walk, but it doesn’t need to be a challenging one. 

The best way to handle this is to make all the interior decisions. Now, don’t pull this out of thin air once you’re inside. Instead, when agreeing to the strip club, make sure you put into the agreement that you want to pick the girls. Whether the girls are for you, for him, or you want to experience some couple friendly erotica together, you need to be in charge of this decision. It will make life easier in the long run. 

If you let him pick the women, he might end up picking someone you don’t like, or even someone that makes you feel self-conscious. You don’t want to second-guess all of his decisions and what he’s attracted to based on the girls he selects. He may have simply picked out the first girl that walked past, or he selected someone the complete opposite of you just because they are the complete opposite of you. It doesn’t matter, because plenty of women will start second-guessing everything, not only about their man but about themselves. And let’s face it. Nobody wants to be bogged down with doubt either during a vacation or following it. 

Thankfully, you can cut all of this doubt and second-guessing out if you take control and you make the decisions. 

Of course, don’t just hand out the dances to your man. Make sure to order dances for yourself. That’s why you’re there, after all! You’re not just giving your man some kind of gift. You’re buying the two of you a gift, which means you need to enjoy the time with your own dancers. And it doesn’t matter if you Googled “couples club near me” or you put in your research and read through the ultimate erotic guide Las Vegas has available, make sure both of you are receiving dances.  One last thing to keep in mind ladies. If, for whatever reason, you don’t feel comfortable, let your man know. This should be a no-questions-asked kind of thing, so make sure this is established in the ground rules. If you’re not comfortable, he shouldn’t want to be there. Now, there might be an initial feeling of discomfort when you enter if you’re not accustomed to strip clubs, so give it a minute. However, if you begin to grow uncomfortable, or if you just want to leave any time, tell your man. It doesn’t need to be a big scene. Just pull him in, maybe give him a little nibble on the ear, and tell him you’d like to leave. From there, finish your drink (because it probably cost a pretty penny), and head out.

Get Turned On & Get Out

So strip clubs can be fun, but at the same time, you’re playing with fire the longer you stay. Because as one hour turns to two, three, or more, you’ll likely be consuming more alcoholic drinks, which means some undesired thoughts might start to bubble up in the back of your head. That can lead to a backhanded comment, which can lead to an argument, which can lead to a scene, which can lead to an entirely ruined vacation. And nobody wants that. You want to experience the erotic Las Vegas side of things while having a good time. You don’t want it to spiral out of control. 

Even if it doesn’t lead to any kinds of arguments, going to Vegas as a couple and remaining in the same strip club for hours can quickly drain whatever money you have for other events and activities. So go in, have a good time, get a few dances, and then be on your way. Strip clubs are great for kindling that fire and revving the hormonal engines for both you and him. Once that fire is hot and the engine ready to rip, get out while the getting is good. 

Do not Stay Too Long

Because let’s face it. One of the most important lessons in life anyone can learn is when to exit on top. Leave the strip club while you’re on top (and then decide who gets to be on top when you get back to the hotel room). 

Other Options For Couples

So now that you know how to have fun at a strip club and have uncovered a few kinky Vegas couple activities, it is important to point out that there are other options for you and your significant other. Because strip clubs are not always the best options for people. Maybe you’ve never been to a strip club and just aren’t feeling the scene, or you want to find other sexy things to do in Vegas without seeking out the strip club VIP treatment. Thankfully, there are other strip shows for couples Las Vegas has to offer. 

Hire A Private Entertainer For Couples

It can be fun to sift through the online listings for private strippers with your significant other and then pick out the one (or more) you are interested in. It also lets you better plan your time. You can book the stripper for a set amount of time and then go on your way from there.

Before booking your entertainer though, you will need to know how to treat a stripper. It’s pretty straight forward. It’s easy to be timid or intimidated by such a beautiful woman in your presence. And other people will dive right in and want to touch everything. It’s important to first be respectful of her. She’s a working professional, after all.

Couple Friendly Private Stripper Agencies

Red Light Entertainers


Bachelor Party Girls


Las Vegas Strippers X


Private Strippers


Other Things To Do In Vegas For Couples

Perhaps you’d like something a little bit different from a strip club. Maybe you’re in Sin City to experience what Las Vegas couple sex is like and you wouldn’t mind someone else tagging along for the ride. Well, don’t worry, because there’s more than just Las Vegas strip clubs for couples available. Whatever you’re in the mood for, you’ll find something. 

Erotic Las Vegas Adventures

Join The Mile High Club


The Green Door


Couples Massage


Fetish & Fantasy Ball


bOOk A Couple’s Package At Classy Vegas Strip Clubs

It doesn’t matter if you have never been to a strip club, or you are an expert in the field, one of the best ways to experience the Las Vegas strip clubs for couples is to book yourself a classy strip club package. There are plenty of package options out there, which will give you not only a stripper for couples, but it will often connect you with special drink benefits (like your own bottle of champagne while at the club), a private limo ride to the club, and other perks. By planning ahead this will help you save some cash and give you a number of benefits you won’t receive by just showing up at the club unannounced. 

Whatever you decide to do though, just make sure to remember you are going to Vegas as a couple, not an individual with a tag-along. The goal of the vacation in Sin City is to grow tighter as a couple and to become a stronger, better version of yourselves. All of this is possible with a one-of-a-kind trip to Las Vegas with your significant other. 

So if you’re looking for the best Las Vegas clubs for couples, sex things to do in Vegas, the ultimate strip shows for couples Las Vegas has to offer, or something entirely different, let us know. We’ll help walk you through the process, go through what options are available, and assist in building the ultimate Las Vegas couples experience. 

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