Outcall Services in Las Vegas

What is Outcall Service?

When looking to book a service here in Las Vegas you generally have one of two options. Incall and outcall. When looking at a website listing the services offered by the company, or when checking out a girl’s profile, it will likely state whether they offer incall, outcall, or both. 

For example, you might see an outcall GFE service, or it might be a bit more basic, stating you can order outcall escorts or outcall strippers. But what is the difference when hiring call girls in Vegas?

The incall definition means the services you receive are all inhouse. As in, you need to head off to the service provider. For example, if you are looking for a massage and the website lists it as “incall,” it means you need to physically go to the massage parlor or spa in order to receive the service. 

On the other hand, the meaning of the word outcall is the exact opposite. When you see Las Vegas outcall girls as a viable option listed on a website, it means the girl will go to you. So if you want to receive some outcall massage therapy, or you want to partake in some outcall foot worship, all of it can happen inside your hotel room, your Airbnb rental, or if you just want a date you can meet up at any agreed upon location. 

Are Outcall Services Legal in Las Vegas?

Probably one of the most common questions we receive (if not on a daily basis, it’s pretty darn close), is if an service is actually legal. After all, if you’re ordering an outcall erotic massage in Las Vegas you want to make sure you’re doing something legal. The last thing you want is for things to go sideways and for your entire life to be turned upside down. Nobody wants that. 

Thankfully, this is not something you need to worry about. Whether you’re ordering a tantra massage outcall service or you are more interested in traditional outcall strippers, it is all perfectly legal. 

There is an incorrect assumption that escort means prostitution. That’s not the case at all. An escort is simply someone who “escorts” you around. They are there with you. They spend time with you. The only thing you are paying for is the individual’s time. We want to make sure that is crystal clear. You’re not paying for sex. Not at all. You’re paying for a woman’s time. 

Now, whatever happens during that time is between you and your escort. You are both consenting adults, after all. If you paid for an hour with an attorney and, during that hour, the two of you engaged in something sexually, you wouldn’t consider that to be prostitution now, would you? Of course not. You’re just two adults that found each other attractive and decided to move forward with physical interactions. That’s exactly the same as spending time with an escort. You pay for their time, and that’s it. 

The Different Types of Las Vegas Outcall Services

Okay, so we’re going to be real with you. It’s almost impossible to fully disclose every type of outcall girl service you can order while here in Las Vegas. There simply are too many to write about. Because you are simply reserving an escort’s time, there’s truly no limit to what you can request (okay, so there might be one or two things you can’t request, but most of the time, when you ask us if it is alright, as long as the girl says yes you’re good to go). 

We don’t want to fully leave you hanging though. That’s not what we are here for. So instead of simply saying “just about everything is fine,” we’ll give you some of the most common and popular Las Vegas outcall services you can request. 

There are the basics, such as an outcall escort, outcall stripper, or outcall exotic dancer request. These are pretty straightforward. You let us know what you’re looking for, and maybe the kind of stripper or escort look you’d like and we’ll take it from there. But, if you want to get a bit more specific, there is the request for outcall erotic massage services. This can be broken down into all kinds of subcategories. For example, there is a tantra massage outcall request, where the rrom massage starts out slow and builds over time. There is an outcall NURU massage, which has been building in popularity over the years. This is a Japanese-based massage that uses a special water-based massage lubricant designed to help pass body heat from one person to another. Think of it as a hot stone massage, but with your escort’s naked body, instead of stones. Sounds better already now, doesn’t it?

Probably one of our biggest requests is an outcall foot worship service. You might be surprised how many people enjoy the worship of feet. It’s really not all that taboo, and yet many people don’t feel comfortable talking about their love of feet in public. Because of that, the desire gets bottled down and isn’t often discussed. Well, if you have a foot fetish there’s nothing to be show about. Instead, be excited about your food massage fetish and be glad that you’re in a location that embraces it. With our Las Vegas outcall girls services, you will be able to finally enjoy your love of feet without feeling self-conscious asking someone where you’re from.

Why do most providers in Las Vegas offer Outcall only?

There are some service providers in Las Vegas that do offer incall services. These are, specifically, massage parlors. However, most providers in Las Vegas offer outcall only because the majority of clients would rather remain in their hotel instead of venturing out. They want the privacy of their hotel room, and when a client is comfortable, it is better for the service provider as well.

Plus, physical locations are far too easy to be targets of sting operations. You’ve probably heard on the news of various massage parlors being raided by police, and yet the massage parlors are never shut down. Why? Because the parlors are not partaking in illegal activities. Instead, it is the police attempting to entrap a worker into soliciting. It’s uncomfortable for not only the individuals who visit the parlors but the employees as well. In short, it’s no good for anyone. It is so much easier in Las Vegas to provide an outcall service, as both escorts and clients typically prefer it.

Sexy Las Vegas outcall service women

How much are These services in Las Vegas? Why do they charge additional fees for Incall?

You might have heard that escorts will “double-charge” you. That isn’t the case, but it is important to understand what is going on. First, you will pay a setup fee. This is to reserve the girl’s time. Most (if not all) of this money goes to the website and representatives of the girl who handle the booking and all the pre-date information. When the girl arrives, you will then pay for any specific additions you are interested in. You will discuss this directly with the girl and she will go over prices. So keep in mind this is what will happen when using a reputable service provider. 

Advantages of Outcall vs Incall

With an incall service, the main advantage is you don’t have to clean up. You’re not going to have a bed of oily sheets or a bunch of towels you can’t use any longer. Everything is taken care of for you. Some service websites you find online will offer a subtle discount for an incall reservation, in that their girls don’t have to spend more time leaving in order to reach your hotel.

Beyond that, all of the advantages go toward the service. For starters, you don’t have to travel across town in order to visit the massage parlor. Your time in Las Vegas is limited, which means you probably don’t want to spend an additional hour or two in Sin City traffic. Next, while some service providers might offer a subtle discount for an incall service over an outcall service, when you take into account the amount you pay for a taxi or Uber in order to arrive at the incall destination you won’t save much, if any money.

With an outcall service you can rest and relax inside your own hotel room. It is often far more comfortable inside a room you are familiar with. Besides, have you ever been in an incall massage parlor, only to wave at the dude leaving the massage room you’re entering? Once inside you’re there, eyeballing the table, hoping to god that someone sprayed that table down and didn’t miss an inch with their cleaning towels. That’s a lot to think about when your head should be focusing on your beautiful girl and the body to body massage she’s about to provide you with. When you are done with the experience you don’t need to leave. You can remain inside of your hotel room, relaxing in the incredible bliss of a perfect outcall massage therapy service. If you are looking for the best of the best experience with an escort, you absolutely need to book an outcall girl service provider.

Prostitution in Las Vegas and the Law

So we have already gone over the fact that being an escort is not the same as being a prostitute. Likewise, spending time with an escort does not mean you are paying for a prostitute. 

The definition of prostitution is exchanging money or other goods and services in exchange for a sexual service. Soliciting prostitution is also against the law. This means trying to pay someone for a sexual service. If you pull up along the side of the road and offer to pay a woman to knock boots in the backseat of your rental, that is considered prostitution. And the thing is, you never really know if the woman is real, or if it is an undercover police officer. 

Now, you’ve likely heard that prostitution is legal in Vegas. We want to clear this up. You can hire a prostitute and legally pay for sex in Nevada, in every single county, outside Las Vegas’ and Reno’s home counties. So while in Vegas, you will need to drive across county lines, and then you will be good to go. And don’t worry, there are plenty of brothels on the other side of the county line for you to visit. 

As we mentioned earlier, when you are booking an escort, you are paying for her time. That is all you are doing. Think of your escort as a personal therapist. You pay to spend an hour with a therapist, talk about life, and let them know about your personal life. With an escort that is a similar experience. Chances are, you might even tell your escort things you might never tell anyone else, including a therapist. So, when it comes to booking time with an escort, you don’t need to worry about anything illegal going on. It is all on the level. 

And don’t worry, we will not try to contact you following the service, so you won’t have strange numbers contacting you when you return home. You’re not going to get a strange bill on your credit card with “Vegas Escorts” or “Big tittied Blonde Bimbo” on your monthly statement. Unless your credit card statement is being sent to your best guy friend, we don’t think anyone would want to see this appear on the statement. 

It is our job to take quality care of you, and that is what we aim to do. That begins and ends with our communication.

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