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Las Vegas is a city that needs no introduction. It’s not the kind of destination you roll into with zero knowledge of it. Even if you lived under a rock your entire life you would hear all the juicy gossip the rock heard from other rocks. 

Now, with that said, the more you educate yourself on the comings and goings of the adult scene in Sin City, the better off you’ll be. You don’t want to be the guy that rolls up with “sucker” practically tattooed on your forehead. That’s a good way to have your pockets siphoned of cash. 

That’s why we are here. We want to help you out with educating yourself on all the adult entertainment Las Vegas has to offer. Whether you want to head out to a full nude strip club, order yourself private strippers, or you’re curious about the swinger clubs and in room adult entertainers, we have the answers for you. 

Right here, we’ll offer an overview of the different adult entertainment options, and then you can dive deeper into the writeups of each section, if you want to learn more. So, from sex clubs in Las Vegas to top tier adult entertainers, here’s the ins and outs, dos and don’ts, of Las Vegas.

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Cabaret Shows

Want a somewhat clean and yet still seductive introduction to the sex scene in Las Vegas? If so, the cabaret shows are the way to go. These are performances generally put on at the casinos. It’s kind of the casino’s attempt to offer you some cleavage and ass to keep you inside, away from the strip clubs. All the performers are amazingly good-looking, but you can’t ask for a lap dance, and there certainly aren’t any VIP performances. This is strictly a look, don’t touch, kind of situation, and many don’t go nude at all (you’ll often have to settle for pasties over the nipples). 

In terms of hot factor, this is about as PG as it gets in Vegas. But, they can still be fun for a couple. Who knows, maybe your lady friend sees this, gets a little turned on, and wants to take the next step to strip clubs. 

The biggest pro to this is you’re not going to spend crazy amounts of cash. You’ll pay for a ticket, plus drinks at casino prices, and thats about it. 

Popular Cabaret Shows:

Strip Clubs

This is where Las Vegas does its thing. Vegas is probably best known for its casinos and its strip clubs. Now, most of the top strip clubs are not found on the Strip itself, but are a short drive away. Also, when it comes to the adult shows in these clubs, most are not fully nude performances. The nude strip club scene usually takes place in the VIP area, where there are fewer rules (although, while the girls tell you there aren’t any rules when trying to entice you to pay for VIP, there absolutely are still rules. You can get the strippers nude, but don’t try to solicit anything more, because yeah, there are hidden cameras installed to make sure no full-on sex takes place, because nothing shuts down a club faster than being busted for prostitution). 

You will want to shop around a bit before just waltzing into a strip club. We mean, before you check out any Vegas adult entertainment, you should know what the clubs are charging, because there’s nothing worse than being dropped off anc charged a $100 cover just to walk in through the door. Instead, we recommend checking out the club websites or trying to find offers that give you complimentary transportation to the strip clubs with “comped cover.” That’s a cool Franklin back in your pocket. 

Also, know that while casino drinks are expensive, strip clubs take that price to another level. You’ll be lucky to find a beer for sub $8, and while well cocktails will probably cost you around $15, anything that isn’t an instant hangover will be close to double that. 

Table dances are $20 and VIP dances are $40. This is pretty universal across the board, although bottle service can range from $300 to well over $1,000 (depending on the bottle), so look up these prices ahead of time. 

Check out our complete rundowns and reviews of the best Las Vegas strip clubs for further details on what to expect and the cost of clubs like Hustler’s, Spearmint Rhino, and others. 

Topless Pools

In terms of the most fun, a topless pool is high on the list. Sure, they can sometimes get overcrowded, and you’re probably going to find more tools at the pool than in your dad’s shed, but it’s worth it, especially if you’re with your buddies. It’s just a quality hang and drinks are usually more affordable than what you’d pay at the strip club (even if the strip club hosts the topless pool). 

So if you want a relaxing day, some sun, and the chance to ogle some boobies (for the love of god though, wear sunglasses so it’s not as obvious), head for a topless pool. But, if we can make a suggestion, reserve yourself a seat. It’s far more comfortable of a time, and more girls are likely to ask if they can share the seat with you. 

Some of the best topless pools in Vegas include:

(Tao Beach runs Monday to Wednesday, but it is a solid option and because it’s not every day many people forget about it, which can mean fewer crowds).

Adult Shops

Want to get a quality sex toy and don’t mind lugging a dildo the size of a Louisville Slugger through airport security? There are plenty of joints to hit up in Las Vegas. Now, if we had to recommend how to buy sex toys, we’d say do it at home, from your computer, where the package is just a cardboard box. But, we also get that sometimes the mood will strike and you just want to get that toy from Vegas. Call it a souvenir on how the casino fucked you. 

These are high-end joints though. They are not like the adult bookstore on the bad side of town where you grew up, or the shady spot on the side of the state highway that everyone makes jokes about. It’s also not like the cruddy sex stores attached to your local strip club. These are all glitz and glamor. If you do feel like buying yourself (or someone else) a toy, feel free to check out:

Many of the brand named strip clubs, like Hustler, will have the shop attached to the club, so it lets you kill two birds with one stone.


We probably receive more questions about escorts than for anything else. Mostly because it’s not something many are familiar with. You already know about strip clubs and have the basic understandings of how they work, even if you have never physically been in one. But escorts? That’s an entirely different category. A Las Vegas escort is very much like other outcall adult entertainers. They are there to make sure you have a good time. However, we want to stress this. They are NOT prostitutes. It is very, very different. Could you end up knocking boots at the end of the night? Sure. You’re both consenting adults, after all. But you’re not pulling up to a seedy area of town under the overpass and having a woman lean over your rolled-down car window. 

With this kind of service, you will reserve your time with a woman. This is a flat fee, usually charged by a booking service. This fee is only there to reserve the woman’s time. That’s it. You will then meet your woman and talk about add-on services you might like. The girl will then quote you prices for these different services. Sometimes you’re already know what she’s charging ahead of time, other times you will need to go back and forth with what she’s going to charge you. 

Think of hiring an escort like hiring an attorney. You pay them for their time, and whatever happens behind closed doors happens behind closed doors. Same thing happens here in Las Vegas with escorts. 

There are loads of escort services out there. We would highly recommend going with a service and avoid booking girls that are listed on some Craigslist-like site. You want the woman to be rated and verified, otherwise you run the risk of getting someone you don’t want, or even setting yourself up to be robbed. Use the booking services that rely on their credibility and you’ll have a good time. 


Ahh, strippers. The dream of so many pubescent boys around the world. Just the concept of paying women to take their clothes off was mind blowing. Maybe it’s not as big of a thing now with the Internet and the ability to see literally anything a few finger clicks away. But back in the day, there was nothing hotter than a stripper. 

The same is true here in Vegas. Yeah, you could go to a strip club and watch the strippers perform in front of you. You’ll also need to keep pumping money out in the VIP room if you want the good times to keep rolling. That is why it might be in your best interest to just book a private stripper and have her come back to your room. 

Private strippers and escorts have a lot in common. You’re paying for their time. Now, with escorts you’ll probably go out, go to a show, head out for dinner to where you can show her off. With strippers, it’s typically straight for your hotel room. Could you have her go around town with you? Probably. But she’s in your hotel room. Why not keep it that way? 

With a stripper you already know she’s going to strip. It’s in the job description. Don’t start calling private stripper websites asking for who’s willing to plow. You’ll just be greeted with dead air. Instead, select a stripper from the website that caters specifically to female strippers, and pay for her time. Once she has arrived you can then negotiate other services you might be interested in. Again, you are two private citizens and consenting adults in your hotel room. Whatever goes down from there is between the two of you.

Erotic Massage

Being in Las Vegas can be stressful. All the money passing hands that you can’t win. All the boobies in front of your face you can’t touch. What is someone to do!? Why not get an in room massage? It’s a great way to destress, have a beautiful woman work on your body, and it is usually far more titillating than the massages you might receive at the hotel spa. 

Sometimes the strippers or escorts are able to offer the in room massage, while other times it is someone who actually specializes in massage therapy (and who just happens to be on the hotter side of the spectrum). 

Which do we recommend? Well, it really depends on what kid of experience you want? Do you want the hottest of the hot working your body but without any great technique? Go with the escorts and strippers. Would you rather actually have some muscle tension released while an attractive woman works you, but who might not be at the same level as an escort? Go with the massage professional. Although, if we’re being honest, you might be surprised as to how well a stripper gives a massage. Some strip clubs have massage girls that wander around, offering arm and neck massages for a fee, similar to a dance. Some of those girls give better massages than girls working at spas. So, just consider their background and what kind of massage experience they have and go from there. Either way, when you want the best erotic massage, there really isn’t a place that is going to best Las Vegas

Or go with the girl with the biggest boobs. Whatever makes you happy. 

And when it comes to massage “extras,” you can broach the subject when the massage girl is inside your hotel room. Don’t ask for it over the phone. When they are at your room you can ask if you’d like. It’s Vegas, so they’re accustomed to being asked these kinds of things. Some girls offer extras, others don’t. Sometimes it’s just the luck of the draw (after all, it is Vegas).

Swingers Clubs

It is all in the name when it comes to swinger clubs. You go there for more than just a taste of erotic fancy. You go because you and your partner are into sharing the love with other couples. 

We’re going to tell you this right out of the gate. Are you a single dude? Don’t even bother. This is how it works. If you’re a couple, you’re allowed into the private, back area. If you’re a woman, you’re allowed into the private, back area. If you’re a single bro? You’re going to be stuck out front. The only way you will be allowed into the back is if someone comes out and selects you. Other than that, you’ll have a better chance at scoring some fun at the adult stores in Las Vegas (and normally, you’ll be getting hit on by other guys in the adult stores rather than women). 

So, if you want to skip the Las Vegas sex shows and actually have some real fun inside the swinger clubs, you will need to find someone to go with you. It is a bit iffy asking strippers and escorts. Maybe they agree to it as long as they don’t have to partake in the debauchery, but then, why would you be spending all of the money for them to hang out with you? Maybe you’re just loaded with cash and curious as to what goes on back there? Perhaps that is a serviceable reason, but still, if you’re on your own or with the guys, just order some private strippers instead, you’ll have a better time. 

Now, while most of the swingers clubs are off limits (for the most part) to single dudes, these three are open to single men:

You can go to these clubs, and maybe if you’re super fit and one of the cougars is into you it’s possible you’ll get selected. But chances are you’ll just be sitting around, watching older couples plow. Into granny porn? Well then you might like it. Have fantasies of drilling grannies? Perhaps you’ll get luck and meet a couple that loves to cuckold the husband. Never know, it could happen. But in the land of betting, we wouldn’t put many chips on the table. 


Yes, the legends are true. There are brothels in Nevada. However, hold your horses. Brothels are not in the counties that house Las Vegas or Reno. Every other county in the state is allowed to have brothels, although some individual counties have very specific laws regulated by their city and county police. Of course, the thing is, Nevada is a big ass state with very few populated areas outside of these two regions (almost all of the state is owned by the federal government). 

But you can make it to brothels on the other side of the county line. You’ll need a way out there. We’d recommend probably just renting a car, because transportation all the way to and from can add up. Uber and cab drivers know you want to get your dick wet, and you’ll pretty much be charged a boner tax. So if you absolutely want to experience a brothel during your trip to Vegas, do yourself a favor and use a rental. At least for that drive.

Here’s something else to keep in mind. Brothels are not cheap. After all, you are legally paying to bang someone. This isn’t a shady business venture taking place in a back alley with a woman that you pray you never see in daylight. This is all on the up and up. The women are regularly tested, and there are very strict rules with how you can proceed with the women. Brothels know that it is possible for you to potential hook up with an escort or stripper for a couple grand, which means you can expect to, at the very least, be paying this amount of money. 

Again, do you want to drop down a couple grand to drive at least 90 minutes (or three hours total) just to have sex? If you’ve been looking at the months fall by the wayside since the last time you had sex then sure, go for it. If it’s more a curiosity, you might want to save your money and try your chances with the bachelorette party next to you that is going to town on the tequila shooters. 

Don’t let us stop you though. It can be an interesting experience, and who doesn’t love a good experience?

The top brothels for you to consider are:

The Alien Cathouse is the kind of place you just kind of happen on if you’re checking out Area 51 and try to fill up for gas. Who knows, maybe you’re pulling over for gas, want to pump a few of your own loads while your car is getting pumped, and so you head inside. 

As for the other two, Sheri’s Ranch and the Chicken Ranch are both the classic destinations. These are actually pretty nice inside, we’re not going to lie. There is a different room for every occasion, and some of them are pretty swanky. Heck, you could just hang out in the sports bar and never actually pay for a girl. You can check out the girls who are working for the week on the individual websites, and you might be surprised as to how good looking they are (last time we checked there was actually an FHM and International Playboy cover model working). These aren’t the back alley broads you’d find wandering Cleveland. So, just keep all of this in mind. It’s a good time, there are some hotties, and it’s a damn drive (and pricey). 

Massage Parlor

Ahh, the classic massage parlor. The parlors here likely work pretty close to the parlors near your hometown (and if you don’t think there are ones where you live, think again. They exist pretty much everywhere). 

Here’s what happens. You walk in and they are going to give you an ocular patdown to see if you pose a threat (i.e. you’re a cop). As long as you pass you can sometimes pick out a girl, other times they give you one. You’ll go in the back and get a massage. There’s no telling the quality of the massage. If we’re being honest, the older, more homely looking the woman is, the better the massage is going to be. A generalization? Sure, but we think it’s pretty accurate. 

During the massage they will probably incidently touch you to help get your motors running, and then they will try to work you for extras. You’ll likely just get a happy ending. Maybe that works for you. Maybe you want more. Only one way to find out. 

Some people will tell you it’s not worth it. Honestly, if you just want a happy ending and don’t really care exactly who is giving it, it’s not the worst bang for your buck. You could spend a grand on a stripper and not get the same thing. It’s all up to you. 


There is a little bit of something for everyone in Las Vegas, regardless of what little bit of something you’re looking for. You could do anything from driving a tank to getting a handy from an 80-year-old Asian grandma. All in the same day! It all comes down to what you’re interested in and what you want to do.

That is why we are here though. We want to make sure you have the most information possible, all without blowing your monetary load on things that just end up bumming you out. So, if you want the best adult time while in Las Vegas, we have you covered.

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