Enjoy Las Vegas March Madness in Style

How To Enjoy A March Madness Las Vegas Party

It’s almost March, which means it’s almost time for the best month of sports. There’s truly nothing like that first weekend of March Madness college basketball. 48 games are played over the course of 4 days, with crazy upsets, buzzer beaters, celebrations, tears, and everything else that makes the tournament one of the true great sporting events in the world. 

You’ve probably been filling out brackets and watching games for years. Maybe you’ve even put together watch parties for games. Combined with it being St. Paddy’s Day weekend, there’s even an excuse to dye your beer green and really crank it up. 

There’s only one thing missing. A beautiful party girl (or 68, one for each team). Maybe you don’t have a girl with you to party down for the tipoff of the tournament, or your girlfriend isn’t into March Madness and so you’ve left her behind as you head out to Vegas. Whatever the reasoning, a Las Vegas March Madness private watch party will be a highlight you never forget. 

You could post up and watch the game in your room, head out to one of the many sports bars around town, or hit up a specialized viewing party, such as those going down at the Hard Rock Cafe, Alto at Caesars Palace, or Beer Pack by Budweiser. 

Each watch party offers something a bit different. Beer Park by Budweiser, for example, has a massive outdoor bar and grill with exceptional views out by the Eiffel Tower. The Hard Rock Cafe is more premium, with a $300 cover. But, with that, you’ll get a guaranteed great seat, an open bar, and plenty of food. That sticker price at the front might seem high, but with everything you get in return, you might very well find it’s the right fit for you.

Maybe you want to kick back with a nice scotch while enjoying the aromatics of a favorite cigar? Montecristo Cigar & Whiskey Bar is a fantastic, higher end spot. There’s also an outdoor area if you’ve had enough overstuffed leather and want to take in some air

Really, the thing will be seating. March Madness is very popular in Vegas (especially since betting on college sports became legal). This year promises to be one of the busiest March Madnesses Vegas has ever seen, and the last thing you want is to end up at a sports bar without a seat. 

There are a couple options if you want some deliciously looking ladies at your side. Yes, pretty much every strip club in town will have parties and showings going on. Make sure to check out their websites for cover charges, because clubs tend to increase the price (we’re talking at least $100, if not significantly more). If you’d rather have just a bit of eye candy in between sips of beer and ball, Tilted Kilt at The Linq Promenade is like an upscale Hooters. Sure, it might not have the legendary wings, but the overall ambience is better, the quality of food is better, and there’s just something about a girl in a kilt. 

Or, maybe you want your own party girl. One that is able to give you an erotic massage when games get tense, or is able to give you an uplifting show if you took the spread from the March Madness odds makers, but things didn’t go your way. If having an incredible piece of arm candy with you at all times sounds like your cup of tea (or pint of beer) an outcall stripper might be the better option for you.

And, at least with an outcall stripper and escort, you know exactly what you’re getting. It’s never a gamble and you’ll never lose. So while you’ll probably end up with a busted bracket, you’ll never have a busted up time with one of the beautiful escort party girls here in Vegas. Each one is waiting for your call and is already gearing up for March Madness.