Tear Up The Track With A Formula 1 Girl

exotic cars With An Exotic Beauty

When you were a child, what kind of posters did you have plastered over your room? Were they of sports cars, athletes, and supermodels? While we can’t give you the thighs of Hershal Walker or help you toss out a 100 MPH fastball, we can help put you behind the wheel of your dream car, all while sitting next to a supermodel-level beauty. 

It wouldn’t be Las Vegas without checking off a few of your childhood fantasies. Maybe becoming an astronaut went by the wayside, and you stopped pining to become an archeologist when you discovered it wasn’t all punching nazis and swinging whips. The world has a way of disappointing the more you learn and the older you get. But two things that never disappoint are babes and cars. And we’re here to help put both of those together for you.

The Las Vegas Motor Speedway isn’t just for professional drivers. You can reserve a ride with one of any number of exotic sports cars. Owning an exotic race car doesn’t make much sense. It’s like driving a tank (which you can also do in Vegas). Get in, drive around a bit, check off a box, move on. You can’t do much with a classic Dodge Viper driving through Milwaukee in the winter, and what good would a Ferrari do for you when you reside in Brooklyn and the most driving you do is to visit family in Long Island? Owning a race car doesn’t have many perks, but if you’re like so many others, you’ve been dreaming of driving one. 

Formula 1 might have done away with the sexy Formula 1 girls, but that doesn’t mean you have to. With the right cosplay, you can team up with a seductive escort and she will dress the part of one of the legendary Formula One Girls. You can even take part in some Formula 1 Grid Girls photos if you’d like. To make it feel a bit more authentic. You might even be able to show off photographs of yourself with your escort back home and nobody will ever know. She wasn’t just a racing girl. She was your own private excotic beauty as you took part in some exotics racing of your own. 

It almost makes it hotter when you can have your escort front and center and nobody even knows who she is. They will just assume they work at the race track and you opted for some photographs. You can talk about how she marveled at how well you handled your stick shift and when she begged to go faster you fully obliged. 

Your time behind the wheel of an exotic car is over surprisingly quick. You’ll take a car for a few laps and that will be that. Before you know it you’ll be unbuckling your seat belt and stepping out of the race car. Thankfully, when you have an escort that is cosplaying as one of the girls of Formula 1, your race adventures can continue. Maybe you opt for another car, or maybe you race back to your hotel in an Uber and decide on what to do next. While it is in the title, nobody wants their racing experience to be over so quickly. 

There are plenty of tracks and opportunities to go out with your personal Formula 1 Grid Girl. Maybe you want to parade her at your side during the current, or any future Formula 1 races. Or perhaps you’d like her by your side when taking in any of the other races that happen through Vegas from time to time. You can also just take her down to the track and show her how you like to burn rubber (but not too much, because you always want to have some rubber on you).

Some of the individuals that contact us regarding escorts often don’t want to put their girls out. They don’t want to make them do things that are uncomfortable or out of the ordinary. Let us stop you right there. Many of the girls go out on dates and hit up clubs on a regular basis with their clients. Being able to dress up like a Formula 1 Grid Girl and head out to a race or sit in an excotic car is an exciting change of pace! We can say, with confidence, most, if not all of our girls would jump at this opportunity! It’s fun, new, and everyone loves to go fast. 

Just feeling the engine purr as you take the car to the next gear isn’t just exciting, it can be a turn on. But don’t take our word for it. Take advantage of the opportunity today and sign up not only for your very own exotic racing car experience, but make sure you are fully decked out and arrange for an escort Formula 1 Grid Girl as well. 

The best way to get your engine started is to give us a call. We will take care of the rest. And after the experience with beautiful cars and beautiful women, you’ll really take home the checked flag. You might even have photographs to prove it.