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Make Your Plans With Wendy

Are you looking for a juicy piece of meat that you can just sink your teeth into? If so, Wendy is the girl for you. She's got that wicked girl next door look who just happened to go off and be the hot sorority cheerleader for the state school. She also has that killer body you didn't even expect seeing her across the way every day, until she walks out in a bikini and she's got the greatest ass, the perfect tits and a tight midsection the likes you simply had never seen before. If this sounds good to you and like a fun evening for you, then it is time to pull the trigger, pull that big, fat, out of your pocket and give her a call. Don't worry. When you are with her that isn't going to be the only big, fat, hard item in your pants. So you might want to lighten your pants up a bit before heading out for the evening with her, as everything under your belt is going to be nice and tight.

So, what is it Wendy is going to do for you while out on your incredible evening? Well, it is hard to tell, and yes, that is a play on words. Whatever it is she wants to do with you, it is going to get you hard, and you are going to enjoy every second of it. So, make sure to plan for the evening of a lifetime, and hopefully you have some spare clothes in the hotel room.

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