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Save Me From Boredom

Fuck. What am I going to do this weekend. I need something fun to do that is also different from what I have been doing. I need something original, and I want to hang out with someone fun. I want to get dressed up and I want to get all sexy. I want go show off my body, and then if I can manage it, I want to get naked with someone in their hotel room while I show them my true talents. Fuck. Would you want to hang out with me? I'd show you a great time. Actually, it would be more than great. It would be incredible. I know we haven't met in person before, but I can assure you that the time we spend together is going to be unforgettable. I want to hear all about your day, what you do for a living and just the kind of things you like and the kind of things that  turn you on. I also want to be there, wrapped around your arm, walking out of the hotel and see everyone else checking us out, knowing that we make a pretty sexy couple. Because you know what? We are both pretty damn hot and there's nothing like a hot couple hitting it up Vegas for a night out on the town. I just want to do something so bad and I'm hoping you want to have a bit of fun together. But I don't know, what kind of fun do you think we can have back in your hotel room?

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