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Let Her Show You Around The Valley

Do you love brunettes? Do you live big, firm tits that you can just get lost in, whether you see the top of the cleavage or the entire breast? Maybe you like that big, juicy ass that you'd just like to ride like the Hippity-Hop bouncing balls you use to play with in grade school. If any or all of those sounds good to you, well then I'm the girl for you. Now, is there something in particular you'd like to see and do during our night in Vegas?

Maybe you'd like to hit up the clubs and show me off to all the other girls and guys out and about? I'd love to, and I'll wear the most seductive, revealing clothing I can and still get away with walking into the clubs. Perhaps you'd like to hit up a show or two while enjoying a delicious dinner? That sounds amazing, so just let me get my cocktail dress out and ready. Maybe you have a business meeting you need to attend to and you need that hot piece of arm candy with an ass that won't quit to go with you? Just remember me when you get that big promotion from your boss. And don't worry, I can think of something big you can give me that will reward me for all my hard work. So, if any of this (or all of this) sounds like your kind of evening, give me a call and let me take care of you.

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