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Best Tits In Vegas

I've got a question for you. No thinking about it, no trying to give the politically correct answer to it and no telling me what you think I might want to hear. Okay? So, when I ask you this question, you need to answer me right away with a one word answer that pops into your head first. Ready? Alright. Do you like tits? Wow, okay, yeah, "fuck yeah" is actually two words, but I'll take that as a yes. That's good, because I have some of the best tits you have ever seen in your life. And guess what? They are all yours tonight. At least, if you book me and give me a call. I can't really give you my tits if I don't know where you are or that you want them. These are the kinds of tits that make you forget about your name, where you are from or what your birthday is. So, just in case you are truly dumbfounded when I walk into your hotel room, ready to hit the clubs as I'm wrapped around your shoulders, you might want to have all that important information written in your underwear or something. You know, just incase you get lost and someone asks you what your name is.

I'm so glad that you really do like tits. We probably wouldn't be a good match if you didn't. Of course, it's not the only thing I bring to the table, but it is something you'll be checking out from across the table. Figured I'd let you discover everything else about me that makes me so incredible when we're out on our date.

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