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Let Me Show You Some Secrets

Hey there, I'm Alize and I have a wicked smile that is going to stop you in your tracks. When we make eye contact and I flash my smile, you know there is something I know that you don't. Trust me, you are going to know what I know. Thankfully, I'm not all that mean, so I bet if you are good I'll let you in on my secret. Does that sound alright with you? I might make you work for it a bit. I might toy with you, tease you and play with you. But don't worry, you are going to find out my secret, and I know, deep down, you are going to like it. You are going to like it a lot.

While you try to figure out what my secret is, while don't you just get nice and comfortable up there on the bed. Yeah, I said bed. Because we are still in your hotel room. Don't worry, I have all the intentions in the world of going out with you, but first, I want to make sure you are at ease and relaxed. Nobody likes to go out all tense and stressed. Sometimes guys tighten up when they see me just because they don't know how to act around such a beautiful woman. Well, I've got a sure fire way to help relax you and to make everything better for you. Maybe this is part of my little secret. Maybe it's not. You'll just have to find out.

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