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Las Vegas NURULas Vegas Nuru Massage

There's a lot to see and do in Las Vegas. Everybody knows that. The trouble with many is that besides walking the Strip, visiting the casinos, and taking in a meal and a show, most people don't visit much of anything else and they assume that that's all there is to do. And if you have lost your money in the gaming establishments, what else is there to do? The answer: Plenty.

On your next Las Vegas getaway, whether you're here on business or pleasure, why not make it one that you will always remember for the right reasons? Instead of visiting casinos to help them pay the light bill, why not make your visit one that is not only fun, but relaxing? After you have taken in a show or even one of the fabulous buffets, why not turn your attention to something a little more, well, interesting? Something such as one of best Asian massage experiences that you have ever had? In fact, if you have never experienced a NURU massage, you owe it to yourself to do so.

What is a NURU Massage?

Never heard of a NURU massage? A NURU massage is perhaps one of the most sensual experiences you will ever have. It's a full body-to-body massage that is performed between you and one of our lovely ladies, the only thing coming between you and her is a unique type of gel that is often called NURU gel or just NURU. NURU gets its name from the Japanese word meaning "slippery," because that's exactly what the whole experience is like. NURU gel contains one of the most exotic and most powerful moisturizing compounds of aloe vera, nori seaweed, chamomile, and grape seed extracts you will ever experience. It's exactly the kind of hedonistic pleasure that they would have had in Pompeii, that is if Pompeii had Japanese massuses.

NURU gel totally transparent, but when it is applied to your body--oh, and did we mention that it's applied to her body too?--it's tasteless and sensuously slippery everywhere you apply it. It can be cool and it can be hot. Either way, you will feel like Emperor Nero as your nude masseuse warms up your gel in a silver container by your bed as your body waits in joyous anticipation for the experience it is about to partake of. It's hot and it's steamy, It's also endlessly sexy, and it's the perfect thing to relieve you of every care you might be carrying.

Slick and Wild

NURU gel is the most amazing lotion available, and it will make your body feel shiny and sleek, while leaving every inch of your body feeling fully hydrated after a full contact sensual rubdown session.
But if you are rejecting the idea of a NURU massage as just another massage, you're wrong. Further, you are missing out on one of the most--should we say, out of body--experiences you could ever have.
NURU is more than just a massage, it's a ritual. It's also slick and hot to the touch. And before it begins, your personal masseuse pours generous amounts of it all over your body as well as hers. Then, she will slide her naked, pulsating body along your body, rubbing your muscles and relieving your tensions, from your head down to your toes.

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Perhaps the most sensual twist of the NURU massage is that often, both parties switch roles of masseuse and recipient, allowing the session to become more interesting as well as arousing to both parties. Between the feeling of the NURU gel, the warmth, and the pulsating movement of the other person, we're not sure which part is more exciting. Either way, you are sure to end up partaking in an experience you will never forget, and probably only come back for more.

Putting Others to Shame

There are a lot of massage services in Las Vegas, but none that matches the sensual experience of a Las Vegas NURU massage. It is literally like none other. After you have had a NURU massage you will literally put every other massage experience you have ever had to shame.

First of all, our Asian masseurs are some of the most beautiful in Las Vegas. Most of them are entertainers or former entertainers and models who have branched out into massage because they believe in the goal of giving you a pleasurable and totally relaxing experience.

Next, the NURU massage is something very different from the usual massage that is provided in some back alley or neon lit storefront. Instead, our services are offered in your private room, so it's only you and her who enjoy the treatments together. And after she begins, there will be little doubt in your mind that what she is about to do is something totally different, something you will never forget.

You can forget about whatever other kind of massage you have ever had with an exotic "Asian" label thrown on it. NURU is a total Asian concept and practice, and our model/massuses are thoroughly familiar not only with what NURU is and how it is performed, but she will give your pleasure her full attention so that your cares will totally fall by the wayside on your way to ecstasy. And after you have been there with her, you will never want to go anywhere else.

One Ticket to Paradise

Las Vegas is a place like no other. It's a city full of sights and sounds, fun and frolick. Excitement and relaxation. Fortunately, we want to help you focus on the relaxation part of your trip. You've worked hard and you deserve a break, one like you have probably never enjoyed before.
The next time you are in Las Vegas, whether it be for business or pleasure, we want you to think of one word: NURU. And when you think of NURU you will think of us. We want to be your other reason for being in the realm of "Sin City." This is one sin that you will be glad you partake of.

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