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Best Las Vegas NURU Massage Experience

World travelers are not the only people who can experience the delights of the best Asian massage techniques. I was a young man when my uncle took me aside, poured a dirty Scotch lit and me a cigar. We settled in for a long conversation about his exploits in the orient. We had had some great talks in the paste, but the booze and smokes let me know this was to be an adult talk, I could feel the sizzle of hairs rising in the back of my neck. My mother's brother was a handsome well-built guy and he always talked a bit too expressively about the beauty of a woman for my mom's taste. I was enthralled, however, by the stories he had to tell.

I suppose I wanted to be just like him, and when he told me things about women, I wanted to learn everything I could. I often dreamed of heading out to get my first Las Vegas NURU massage. Uncle Rod said he has had the best in the world, but Las Vegas beats them all. He explained to me about the Asian escorts in Las Vegas, so beautiful, so healthy, beautiful teeth, and sexy smiles. What a delight they must be! That summer, some of the guys from college and I headed to Las Vegas to experience the ecstasies of Asian massage Las Vegas style. Let's face it; it was my duty to pass on the information from Uncle Rod to my best buddies. We had such a blast, we decide to make the trip a tradition each summer, no matter what else is happening, we spend at least one weekend with our favorite Asian escorts Las Vegas has to offer.

My First Time - So Sexy!

When I went to my first Las Vegas NURU massage, of course I went to Asian escorts Las Vegas before I took my friends, I wanted to be sure these girls were the best available for my buddies! Understanding that this was going to be a very sexual massage where the girls use their entire bodies to relax and soothe every muscle of my entire body, I was a little nervous my first time. Within a couple minutes, I realized there was nothing to worry about. These two gorgeous women came right to my hotel room door with everything they needed to do a Las Vegas NURU massage perfectly.

My Uncle Rod had explained to me that in order to have the perfect massage, Asian escorts in Las Vegas bring special bed sheets that protect the hotels' bedding because this wonderful Nuru gel they use gets everywhere. The Asian massage Las Vegas style uses the best quality NURU Japanese oils made from a particular kind of seaweed that is really slippery. This gel is so good for your skin, you feel the difference days later. Plus the erotic feeling you get from the unusual slipperiness makes the NURU massage very intimate and so stimulating.

Incredible sexy girlsOn my Own with These Sexy Asian Escorts

One of the things I enjoyed most about the girls, in addition to their gorgeous, tight bodies and delicious curves, was that they were really smart about the best environment to give the best Asian massage. They turned the temperature in the hotel room up just a little to warm the room. They lit some incredible candles with aromas from heaven, set the mood with my kind of music, and within a few minutes, they were rockin' me with feelings of total pleasure and abandon. After the first half hour, I didn't care if was day or night, or if I was upside down or backwards. These girls had total control of what they did to my body because I knew that they knew exactly what they were doing to me.

Ok, I am the kind of guy who usually needs total control of a situation, but in this case, I was more than happy to let these exceptional beauties be in control. I just relaxed, calmed myself, and enjoyed the entire experience. In fact, the more they realized I was giving up my control, the better their techniques were. They just swooped in and took over, giving me the most incredible, pleasurable physical experience of my life! You can imagine how excited I was to get the opinions of my buddies once I knew what they were in for!

Ready to Party with Asian Massage Las Vegas Style!

So my buddies and I were almost to Vegas when Harley asked me what to expect. I could see he was beside himself with anticipation so I wanted to assure him he would not be disappointed. I knew this was going to be the best value they were going to get for their money all summer, but they were going to have to feel it to believe it. "Try to imagine your first taste of ice cream, the first time you sampled the delicate taste of an exquisite sashimi or sushi, and the very first time you got off. Now combine all those sensations all together, that does not compare to full body NURU massage done right. I could not quite understand what Harley answered because of all the groaning from the guys in the car.

When we arrived at our hotel, everyone found their rooms, unpacked, and showered anxiously. They were excited when they came to my hotel room carrying our favorite beers, tequila, and Margarita mixes. I could not believe John brought a blender. What I found easy to believe was that all the guys brought wallets full of five-dollar bills to tip our strippers, after the massages. What a night we had! Not only did we get the best Asian massage experiences ever, these girls could dance like crazy. They even took turns helping us keep the Margaritas flowing. It was a real party because everyone enjoyed each other and the girls were very friendly and social.

The next morning we met for breakfast and the guys were still excited about the great time we had. That was the birth of our traditional Las Vegas NURU massage summer weekend! We catch up every year on our careers, new toys our like boats, RV's, and bikes, but there is an underlying excitement that no one wants to admit to. We're guys, what do you expect, we have to be cool and act like we aren't totally thinking about our next incredible adventure with our Asian escorts in Las Vegas!

Thinking about It?

Just do it. My buddies and I are so psyched that we discovered these exceptional party girls. You need to give them a call at Asian escorts Las Vegas right now!

The Best Asian Massage

The Best Asian Massage

Massage is one of the best basic services that provide the utmost in relaxing pleasure to take away all of your daily stresses with one amazing rub down. Finding the right Asian massage Las Vegas person to take care of your needs is our specialty. Las Vegas is the premiere destination for the hottest and the best Asian massage. Our ladies are not only supremely beautiful, and talented but their massage skills are second to none. You deserve to be pampered in the comfort of your own hotel suite so our Asian massage experts, and Asian escorts Las Vegas are ready to come to you. Client satisfaction is our serious concern, and we guarantee our lovely ladies will make you happy, satisfied, and relaxed. Las Vegas NURU massage is one of our most requested services which we are more than happy to provide.

Las Vegas Asian Massage

Delicate beautiful Asian fingers working on your every tight muscle, knot, and kink. Just lay back and relax letting our gorgeous Asian gals take care of your every need in the comfort of your hotel room. You can browse our selection of beauties, so that you can get the exact girl of your dreams. Long dark hair, creamy golden skin, and a delicate frame with perfectly captivating eyes will have you swooning in no time flat. These are truly the most gorgeous women on the face of the planet, and Sin City is the place to find them. Close your eyes, and picture two gorgeous Asian ladies giving you the massage of your dreams. You deserve it. You work hard, so you need to be able to relax at the hands of a professional in the best of Asian massage.

An Erotic Massage Is a Very Special Kind Of Massage

This is no ordinary massage. Experience the magic of an Asian Massage at the hands of some of the most beautiful women in the world. Sin City is the place everyone knows that offers the tops in everything adult entertainment. It’s a privilege, and honor to be able to show you everything that Las Vegas has to offer in sensual Asian Massage. If you have never had one before then you are in for the ride of your life. Let only your imagination stop you in your love of this excellent art form. Massage at the hands of the best asian ladies is truly an art form. Our girls are highly trained experts in the field of erotic massage, and they aim to please you on many different levels. Let your mind and body be soothed in a way that you will remember forever. You’ll think back on your Asian massage experience with the highest level of fond satisfaction. Just thinking of her lovely hands all over your body will get your through some stressful times in the future.

Las Vegas EscortsWhat Is A NURU Massage

Have you ever had the benefit of a NURU Massage at the hands of a sensuous Asian massage expert? NURU is the way to experience the best in happy endings. This type of massage will target all your erogenous zones in the most heavenly way. At the hands of a beautiful Asian goddess, you will hit peaks of pleasure that every man should be privy to having. The time to relax is now with one or two of our lovely Asian ladies. They are the most perfect female specimen in the world, and you could easily mistake them for Asian Supermodels. Our ladies are that gorgeously perfect in every way. Let them take you on the exotic journey your body deserves. You want it. You need it. Relax and be swept away in their stimulation of your senses. It will blow your mind.

Couples Are Welcome To Enjoy Our Services

If you are coming to Las Vegas on vacation with your significant other then you might want to treat both of you to an in-room Asian couples massage. We are the right ones to make you, and yours feel at ease, relaxed, and satisfied. What a great way to start out the best time of your life on vacation by scheduling a visit from our Asian massage experts. Stress relief, and full body ecstasy is our specialty. We will make you feel comfortable, and are especially sensitive to the needs of the lady in your life. Sometimes it’s just more fun to experience new things together that you will remember for the rest of your life. The sight of your lady getting the special massage treatment at the hands of our lovely Asian masseuse is just the visual you need, right? Our friendly outgoing ways, and perfect manners will make it seem like we’re all just friends having a great time. So don’t hesitate give yourself, and your mate the great gift of a couples full body best Asian massage.

Asian Escorts In Las Vegas

Many times you need someone to accompany you for a business dinner or night on the town. Why not let one of the hottest Asian escorts in Las Vegas come with you? OUr ladies are educated to be the perfect companion on any gentleman’s arm. Beauty, and brains are on tap with each of our lovely gals. You will turn heads in any room when you walk in with a perfect Asian 10. You know it’s your fantasy to have one of these ladies all to yourself for the night. So make your sensual dreams come true. We guarantee you will be astounded with the highest quality Asian gal in all of Sin City. For your money you should be provided with the very best. Our Asian escorts are primed and ready to make you happy with their special services. Why not really give-in to the fantasy and have us send over two girls for you to enjoy. One on each arm is the best way to experience everything Las Vegas has to offer. You’ll feel like the king of the kingdom of all of Las Vegas!


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